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Sneak Peek: Flobella by Altheta G.D. Waverly with Giveaway

Adventures in the Creative Idea Dimension
by Altheta G.D. Waverly
MG Fantasy

Flobella is a creatress but doesn't know it.

Orphaned when she was four, twelve-year-old Flobella now lives a sad, drab life with her cruel aunt and uncle. Only painting and the maybe-memory of a woman who might be her mother hugging her in a purple garden makes her feel alive. But one day while painting, the swirl of colors begins to lift off the page, revealing a tiny fairy named Mumu whom Flobella follows through the spiral into the Creative Idea Dimension, a land of imagination and ideas.

When Flobella misses her opportunity to exit the spiral, the only way home is to follow the creative path to a gold door and Evo, a wise man who lives beyond the door and can help her find her way.  Along her fantastical journey, she meets an array of magical creatures, each of whom presents a different creative path. But in a world of possibilities, she must find her own way, and the ruminudgies will do anything to stop her from fulfilling her destiny, as the dimension of creativity hangs in the balance…

An inspired and creative adventure awaits in an imaginative Alice-in-Wonderland-like fairy-tale world—where mysterious gardens, dark forests and magical fields are populated with wizards, talking ladybugs, white idea birds, a quantum kitty, andTimette, a lavender tea-loving time guide, and more—in this exciting first book in the Adventures in the Creative Idea Dimensionseries by debut author Altheta G.D. Waverly.


 A buzzing noise, Flo pictured to be coming from calm bees,
filled the room and seemed to be coming from the right corner.
In the corner, there was a small desk with a large book on top,
opened to its center page.  Flo’s eyes widened as she looked at the
book because the pages of the book seemed to be glowing with sparkling
dust, starry dots, and streaks of glittering light just above the pages. Flobella
started to move towards the glowing book when she was startled by a stern
You have one hour before you need to return home,” the voice said. 
Huh?” Flo said with a startled gasp.
One hour, 60 minutes, 3600 seconds, no more, no less, tick, tock, tick, tock.
When my left eye reads 5pm you must go. Don’t read my right eye. That is
not your time. Your time is in my left eye. When the big hand is pointed
towards the 12 and the little hand is pointed towards the 5, you’ll take your
leave. You must skedaddle and skedaddle you must. This is just our initial
meeting and it’s perfectly timed with the spiral alignment so we only have a
short time.” The woman with the strange eyes commanded.
The woman had short blond hair with bangs and was wearing a white
button down mid-length dress, cinched in at the waist with a purple belt.
She had a pretty face but when Flobella looked at where her eyes should
be, there were none. Instead she had clocks. Each clock had a different
time and the clock on the left seemed to be moving much faster than
the one on the right. The clocks were white and grey with a purplish hue,
and seemed to light up and darken as the woman spoke. One clock had
the numbers one through twelve on its face while the other had 12 strange
symbols on its face. Both had two hands each, one hand shorter than
the other.
Flobella just stood there staring, not knowing what to make of the woman
with the clock eyes. After a while she finally asked, “Who are you?”
My name is Timette and I’m the keeper of time in this dimension,” said the
woman with the clock eyes.
Dimension?” Flo asked, nervously eyeing her surroundings. “I’m in
another dimension?”
Oh yes, you most certainly are,” Timette confirmed.
No, no, this must be some sort of dream,” Flobella said.
I assure you, this is not a dream. You aren’t sleeping, yet all dreams
do start here.”
If this isn’t a dream, then where am I?” Flobella snapped.
Timette walked over to Flobella took her hand and led her over to a small
white tufted chair and said, “Sit down for a moment. You must be tired
after your long trip.”
Flo sat down in the comfy chair across from Timette while grabbing a
needlepoint floral pillow that was on top of the cushion and hugged it,
letting out a sigh.
Timette picked up a silver teapot with a horizontal glass cylinder that looked
like a silvery glass Dachshund standing on the shiny tray. She poured two
cups of lavender tea and put a lump of sugar and a sprinkle of cinnamon
in each one.
Here you go Flobella,” Timette offered, “a spot of tea to settle you down.” 
 “Am I to be like Alice, and grow or shrink in size if I drink this?”
 “Don’t be ridiculous, it’s my best tea! I’ll take the first sip.”
 Timette brought the teacup up to her mouth and took a sip.
 “See, just some wonderful lavender tea,” Timette explained, as she set
down her teacup back onto the tray.
Flobella took the small glass teacup with the steaming tea in her hand,
brought it up to her mouth, and took a small sip. As the tea traveled
down her throat, Flo anxiously waited for something to happen. However,
Flo realized it was in fact just some very refreshing lavender
Thank you, Timette, this tea is delicious,” Flobella said while staring at
the purple buds swirling with the unfurled tea leaves in the excited
It’s the best lavender tea in any dimension if I do say so myself. It took me
eons to create it. If you play your cards right Flobella, I may even share the
recipe with you.”
It’s delicious,” said Flo. “Now, where am I, exactly?”
 “You’re in the Creative Idea Dimension (CID),” Timette responded. “The
land of imagination and ideas.” 

Altheta G.D. Waverly created Flobella's Adventures in the Creative Idea Dimension to immerse the reader in a creative landscape. She lives with her family (a mini creative collective) in a garden state not too far from the ocean and loves to visit lavender groves.

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