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Kotumikud - The Oldest Secret In The World by Greethel Reeds

The Oldest Secret in the World
by Greethel Reeds
Children's Story Book
ages 3 to 10
26 pages

Have you seen this new children's eBook illustrated by a talented 13-year-old? This story has been the oldest best-kept secret in the world, until now.

This book is for people who believe that you can get or be anything in life if you have the courage to dream, believe and act accordingly.

Kotumikud are mysterious creatures who visit children in the spring, summer and autumn when the elves are resting. They help children with their everyday problems boosting their confidence and encouraging them to follow their dreams.

Kotumikud is an amazing picture book full of adventures, heart-warming life lessons and fun characters. The story is simple and easy to read. Captivating illustrations made by a talented 13-year-old girl tell the story right along with the written word.

The engaging tale promotes positive self-esteem in kids as it shows them that the world is full of endless possibilities. It encourages toddlers to use their imagination and think of all the things they can accomplish in their life.

Easy readable font and captivating story makes it great for grownups - they will love reading it over and over to kids.

Psst! Want to know another secret? The second book is already in the making. The adventure continues!

And here she is...

The story of Kotumikud goes back many many moons to the time when Greethel Reeds was 25 and working in a kindergarten as a substitute teacher. It was time for a nap, and she didn’t feel like reading a book to the kids. She wanted to tell them a story of her own instead so she told them about Kotumikud.

After a few days, one of the parents asked her about it. She was looking for the book
because her young one kept asking for it at home. Greethel was surprised, humbled and delighted at the same time, but it hadn’t even crossed her mind to write it down.

After 8 years she had an extraordinary experience which made her realize something
utterly important: it’s us sitting on the driver’s seat of our lives; it all happens because we
want it, or fear it. We are in control — no-one else. Our thoughts have such power, and we
need to be aware of it to live the best life possible. It was a revelation.

The first time Greethel thought about writing the story of Kotumikud into a book was when she had Grant-Konrad, her son. She started writing on a plane from Tallinn to Toronto and drafted
majority of it while tripping in Canada and US.

Her message to all the children is very simple: we create the lives we live. Our truest wishes
will come true. And our job as parents is to raise the kids with an understanding that the
world is full of endless possibilities. There are literally no limit.

“Hope you enjoy the story of Kotumikud as much as I have. And, always remember to dream big, act accordingly and believe in yourself” she says with a smile.

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Those illustrations are cute. What a talented young lady!