Friday, June 14, 2019

Review: Superbuns! by Diane Kredensor

Kindness is her superpower
by Diane Krednesor
Picture Book
40 pages ages 4 to 8

For fans of Fred Rogers in Won’t You Be My Neighbor? and Be Kind, a little bunny, who dreams of being a superhero, proves to her know-it-all older sister that kindness really is a superpower.

Some superheroes can leap tall buildings in a single bound, some can crawl up a wall, some grow wolfsharp claws, and some have superhuman speed. And Superbuns? Her superpower is being kind. Super kind. She can’t help but be kind: watering a neighbor’s daisies; helping a friend cross the street; feeding a hungry goldfish.

Superbuns’s older sister Blossom is a super know-it-all who doesn’t believe kindness is a superpower. Not one bit. And all this kindness is slowing them down on their way to Grammy’s house, where a yummy carrot cobbler awaits.

But the sisters are being followed by a little fox, and when Blossom learns the fox is not after their cobbler but is lost, she discovers kindness really is a superpower after all.


With two great ears to hear and tons of heart, Superbuns shows that kindness might be the best superpower of all.

Buns, alias Superbuns, is a sweet, little bunny girl, who has no doubt that kindness is her superpower. She's ready to help anyone in the neighborhood in need. Too bad her older sister, Blossom, doesn't see things that way. She's convinced that kindness isn't a superpower by pure definition, and Blossom knows a lot of things. But thanks to a cobbler and a fox, maybe Blossom's opinion will change.

Superbuns is hard not to adore. While the first page points out the important attributes she possess to bring out her superpower in the best ways, it's her heart which draws attention. And her lovely cape. Young listeners will easily identify with her as she hops through the neighborhood, ready to help those in need. And when her sister nags, it's impossible not to feel for Superbuns...something many young listeners will also identify with.

The sisterly relationship makes for a realistic and entertaining tug-a-war, but never goes to extremes. Even when the two bunny girls are a little at odds, it's clear they share a special bond. As for the message on being kind, that rings out loud and clear. And while Superbuns hits being nice as a superpower, the deeds she does are simple. It shows young listeners that they can become superheroes of kindness too.

And here she is...

Diane Kredensor is the author and illustrator of the Ollie & Moon picture book series. She is also an Emmy Award-winning artist, director, and producer for her work on animated TV shows such as Pinky and the Brain, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and WordWorld. She runs Tricycle Films, where she has created, developed and contributed to programs for Nickelodeon, Warner Bros., the Disney Channel, PBS, MTV, and the Sesame Workshop. Diane happily lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her partner, their son, and two stinky cats. Visit her a t

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