Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Review: The Boy Who Owned the Forest by Elizabeth J.M. Walker

by Elizabeth J.M. Walker
Handerson Publishing
Children's Fantasy
152 pages

Learn to follow your own passion, deal with grief and depression, face your fears, and develop strength through adversity. Because when pianos can swim, boys own forests, and a girl can become the queen of Unwinderly, anything is possible.

A collection of seven stories that will whisk you away to fantastical places.


This is a collection of seven fantasy tales, which invite young readers into the world of fantasy and beyond.

Imagination takes flight and dreams stretch in every direction in this collection. The stories hit upon the magical, the unexpected, the quirky or simply the wondrous. Each one reaches past reality in a way young readers are sure to appreciate and enjoy. But it's not only about the fantasy, these tales weave in more serious messages as well, which give a little food for thought. Still, these messages never overshadow the tales and keep fantasy on center stage.

The stories are not only something more sure readers can tackle on their own and flip from one to the next as mood and desire allows, but also make for great bedtime reads.

You can learn more about Elizabeth and her other lovely books over on her website:


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