Sunday, June 2, 2019

Review: Really Woolly Bedtime Blessings by Bonnie Rickner Jensen, Illustrated by Julie Sawyer Phillips

by Bonnie Rickner Jensen
Illustrated by Julie Sawyer Phillips
Thomas Nelson
Board Book / Religious
24 pages
ages 2 and up

Your children will go to sleep feeling loved and secure as they count the blessings in each day. 

When it's time to tuck toddlers in for the night, this adorable board book from beloved the Really Woolly brand points out the blessings God so richly provides. With the knowledge they are loved and blessed, your little ones will fall fast asleep comforted and secure.  Sweet rhymes, scriptures, and bedtime blessings  encourage children to thank God for all the day's blessings!


This is a set of nighttime devotions for toddlers written with the feeling and warmth Really Woolly Books are known for.

There are twelve devotions, each one starting with a very short Bible verse and followed by an 8-line poem. The entire thing wraps up with a short thought which wraps the meaning back in tune with the verse for that night.

The illustrations are sweet and full of love, perfect for setting the sleepy mood at the end of the day. They hold moments of familiarity which toddlers can easily relate to and might point out things they recognize.

The poems don't always flow perfectly, but they hold the nice loving atmosphere of a last bedtime moment. The words will hit home gently with parents as well as the young listeners. Some words are highlighted in bold...perhaps, for discussion or special emphasis. Each poem is sweet and leads to think or notice something from the daily life. It's a nice beginning devotional for younger listeners.

I received a complimentary copy through Booklook Bloggers and enjoyed reading through it enough to want to leave my honest thoughts.

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