Friday, June 7, 2019

Review: From the Universe to You by Casey Harrison

by Casey Harrison
Brewer Bear Books
Picture Book
28 pages
ages 3 to 7

From the Universe to You combines the beauty of natural wonders and family bonds to present a complex topic—the universe and our place in it—in a lyrical manner intended to both inform and spur the imagination. In so doing, the story and colorful illustrations bring the reader from the largest scale to the smallest while describing the indispensable and connected role of each element in between. The book concludes by focusing on the child, the movements and growth they share with the universe as a whole, and the special place they hold both in the universe and in the mind and heart of the reader.


With a sense of awe, the basic ideas of the planets and galaxy come to life.

The universe is vast, and this book attempts to bring the huge idea of planets, solar systems and space across in a way which ties all the immense thoughts back down to the tiny point of the young reader. Through the singing poetry, which flows smoother at sometimes than others, the basic ideas of what space is as well as the variety of planets is presented. Then, it's brought down to Earth and the seas, while connecting to tides. Finally, touching at an individual level, it zooms back up into the dreams space holds. The ending leaves fantasy open and the sense of all possibilities being open. In other words, it's inspiring and invites kids to dream

The illustrations are lovingly done and offer sometimes expanse thoughts in even simple form The flow right along with the text to create a nice balance.

And here he is...

Casey Harrison is a lawyer and father of two who has enjoyed writing and illustrating ever since he was a child. Over the years, Casey shifted from composing stories and sketching cartoons to typing memos and drafting briefs. Now with children of his own, he has expanded his love of writing back out of the legal field and dusted off his love of illustrating to go with it. Inspired by his adventures in parenthood, Casey recently published his first children's picture book, "From the Universe to You," and he looks forward to releasing additional children's books in the future. 

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