Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Review: Pippin No Lickin' by Layne Ihde

by Layne Ihde
Illustrations by Linda Pierce
Morgan James Publishing
Picture Book 
36 pages

Pippin the cat wouldn’t take a bath. Because he wouldn’t, all kinds of funny (and stinky!) things start happening to him. In hilarious and unforgettable ways, Pippin is challenged with realizing his actions not only affect himself, but others, too. Will his parents and classmates get him to change his mind?

Pippin, No Lickin’ addresses the consequences of personal actions with young readers. This colorful and endearing story establishes with children that parental wisdom is for their own health and safety and helps them develop an understanding of selfishness. Pippin’s adventures even teach colors to very young readers along the way! Parents and children alike will enjoy this introduction to an immediately classic and memorable character in Pippin the cat.


With scenes to make kids laugh and wonder, this is a charming picture book about a cat to love...after he takes his bath.

Pippin doesn't want to take a bath. Soon, this becomes a problem as things start to get caught on him or stuck to him. His parents and friends want him to take a bath, but will Pippin listen?

This book is so cute! Pippin is very stubborn in his desire not to take a bath, although he is a wonderful cat otherwise. The silliness which ensues guarantees giggles galore and invites to discussion. While the book has some serious undertones—hygiene and paying heed to advice—, laughter ranks high the entire way through. The situations are funny and imaginative, yet still make Pippin's problem clear.

The illustrations are wonderful and let the fun flow freely. They are detailed enough to draw in and definitely invite young listeners to explore the book on their own just by flipping through them. Pippin is brought over with the right characteristics, making him sympathetic and lovable even when he's super sticky.

This is a sweet book young listeners are sure to enjoy. The vocabulary fits well to young listeners and the situations are easily understandable. The rhymes don't always sit as well as they could have, but it's still a fun read.

And here he is...

LAYNE IHDE is a self-described "crazy-cat-guy" that lives in Nashville, TN with his wife and two kitties, a white tabby named Lizzie and brand new kitten Pip. He writes all different kinds of stories: children's books, songs, sci-fi and fantasy short stories, poems and is even working on a novel. And he has written and published 40 songs,
releasing three albums and two EPs internationally on independent labels, getting placement on television shows and performing across the country. Pippin No Lickin’ was inspired by Layne’s real life kitten named Pippin, who sometimes acted like a dog! Check out more about Layne and his kitten adventures at https://www.layneihde.com/.

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