Monday, January 14, 2019

Review: The Light by Robert Jones

by Robert Jones
Healthy Life Press, LLC
Children's Inspiration
24 pages

The Light is the beginning of an important conversation with your child about the wonders of being alive and the spiritual life. The text is punctuated by illustrations of the beauty in our world and the love and kindness that exists within us and all around us.

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There are moments in life which call for a step back from the commotion, and to absorb more calm and awareness. This book does exactly that in a gentle and even inspiring away, which invites kids (along with parents and guardians) to reflect on the beauty and kindness of life.

This is a calming picture book, one which leads readers/listeners to relax and gain awareness of life, its beauty and the important moments between people themselves. The text is poetic, gentle and understandable for kids ages 4 and up. It invites to thought in a way these young readers understand, and yet draws in the adults as well. The text is kept relatively short and is always accompanied by a photograph or artwork. These visuals are comforting, show familiar scenes and give a moment for pause and reflection. They are not done in the normal cartoon style as often found in picture books, but have the feel of walking through a gallery. And they are still visuals, children will enjoy.

The Christian message is not heavy or preached but still comes across clearly—life is beautiful and kindness flows not only to us from others, but from us outwards. For adults and older readers/listeners, there are several paragraphs for reflection at the end of the book.

This is a lovely book to help young listeners/readers take a break from the hectic of life and simply relax in a little more calmness. The images are inviting for all age groups and round it off to a wonderful moment of peace.

And here he is...

Robert Jones, like most parents, is a developing storyteller. He reads to his daughters nightly (and whenever they ask) and works hard to help them navigate life with his stories. He has a particular passion for female protagonists. He wants his daughters to recognize themselves in the stories they read. He and his wife believe it is essential to validate the importance of their daughters' questions and their agency in life whenever they can.

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