Saturday, January 5, 2019

Review: The Enchantress by Blaire Hammond

Wicked #1
by Blaire Hammond
YA Fantasy
359 pages

Centuries ago, on the planet Elixir, a new race was born.
A race much stronger, and more powerful than they have ever known.
A race trained to fight, to protect their world from those that lurk in the shadows.
They are known as the Enchanted.
But with good, comes evil.
With the Enchanted, come the Wicked.
And the Wicked will do all they can to seize power.
There is a war brewing, and should it break out, it may mean the end of the Human World as they know it.

Laura Harmer's life is turned upside down, her father has passed away, her mother is missing, and she is forced to trust people she has never known. Creatures she never thought could exist do and the weight of death and destruction rests on her shoulders. But she isn't the only one battling with the things she has seen and been forced to do. Her new found friends have secrets of their own, however those secrets can't stay hidden forever. Will they be able to help each other move on?

Amongst their dark pasts, the world of the Enchanted and the Wicked are on the verge of war, and Laura finds herself in the middle of it. Determined to find her mother and put an end to the evil force looming up on Elixir, Laura must learn to trust her new found friends and start fighting for herself. Will she survive?

Her soul has awoken. This is Laura's story.


What a fun read! With magic, mystery, action and a layer of romance, this fantasy grabs and doesn't let go until the last page.

Laura's very normal life flips in a direction she could have never seen coming. Before she realizes it, strange creatures and magic swoop in, and she finds herself having to trust strangers in hopes of saving herself, her mother and so much more.

I was drawn in by the cover and the blurb, and hoped to find an entertaining read. I wasn't disappointed. While the book starts out with an average school scene, it quickly swings around into an action packed adventure. Some parts of the story did feel familiar, but the rest was refreshingly different. Exactly this, as well as the well-rounded characters, draw in. The questions Laura faces and the world she suddenly finds herself apart of are coated in mystery and tension. This races the pages onward and kept me engaged more than I thought it would. It was impossible to put the book down.

The writing flows well and holds just the right amount of descriptions to make the world come alive. Every scene locked in and created the right atmosphere, while keeping the stakes high. The only problem (and this did pull me out of the story quite a bit) is the editing. There are small mistakes sprinkled through the book, which pulled me out of the world again and again (enough to drop a star). Still, the story itself was intriguing enough to hold me in the pages.

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