Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Review: Inside the Star by Barry Wilner

The Ultimate Dallas Cowboys Fan Guide
by Barry Wilner
North Star Editions/Press Box Books
Middle Grade Sports / Nonfiction
112 pages

JANUARY 1st, 2019!!!

There's a good reason why the Dallas Cowboys are called America's Team. As the most popular franchise in the NFL, the Cowboys have millions of passionate fans from sea to shining sea. Those fans expect nothing less than greatness-and for much of the team's history, the Cowboys have delivered.

This action-packed book offers a front-row seat to everything that makes the Cowboys great. The classic games. The iconic stadiums. The fierce rivalries. Not to mention the Super Bowl championships and the Hall of Fame players. Whether it's top-tier quarterbacks, powerful running backs, or hard-hitting defenders, Dallas has been home to some of football's best. 

Season Ticket: Teams uses engaging and informative storytelling to take readers into the past, present, and future of their favorite sports teams. With chapters exploring historic moments, team traditions, and today's hottest superstars, Season Ticket: Teams is your all-access pass to the most iconic franchises in sports!


Football this case Dallas Cowboy fans...can sit on the edge of their seats as they are lead through important moments of team history, recent plays and future hopes.

This book is packed. Every chapter holds exciting moments either from the past or recent games, players and dreams. The descriptions hold all of the excitement promised, making sure the reader feels drawn in while being offered bits of information and facts. Anyone who loves the Dallas Cowboys will enjoy and probably know many of the stories mentioned in these pages. Other moments, however, will probably be new. In any case, it's a treasure trove of Dallas Cowboy information.

The writing is fast-paced and doesn't let a boring moment settle in as it tries to hold the same tension as the games. Still, this never completely reads like a fiction novel but rather sticks to a realistic recount and discussion of the topics. The drier facts sprinkle in with the excitement at just the right places, guaranteeing that trivia heroes as well as more action interested readers will both find what they're looking for.

While the writing itself isn't bent down for younger readers, older ones (ages ten/twelve and up) will be at home. Even adults will enjoy the scenes and rarely have the impression that the intended audience is aimed younger than them. It's an interesting mix, which I'd normally predict reluctant readers might try to steer clear of. But in this case, the sport's theme will lure in the Dallas Cowboy fans among them and thanks to the short length of 112 pages, even they will probably dive into this read.

This is definitely a read for Dallas Cowboy fans, and one that they won't want to miss.

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