Thursday, November 29, 2018

Review: Deadly Scorpion Sting! by Kevin Blake

by Kevin Blake
Bearport Publishing
Picture Book Non-Fiction
ages 8 to 12

Deep in the jungles of Thailand, Gareth Pike awoke one sunny morning in 2007. As he was getting dressed, he reached down to grab a pair of shorts off his floor. Suddenly, Gareth felt a horrible stinging pain in his thumb. Then he spotted a deadly black scorpion scurrying away. "I was in dreadful pain," said Gareth. Would he survive his encounter with a venomous scorpion? Learn all about venomous scorpions in this engrossing new narrative nonfiction book for young readers. It's packed with exciting wildlife encounters, cutting-edge science, and loads of info about venom and its deadly effects.


Friends of creepy crawlies and more dangerous creatures will not only get a thrill but learn all sorts of things about the world of scorpions.

The theme of this book is very clear—deadly scorpions. The first page already introduces a wild environment in the jungles of Thailand and a man who lost his life thanks to a tiny black scorpion. The ominous tone is set...and it's clear why this book isn't recommend for younger readers. But this isn't a 'horror' story. Rather, facts are everything, and while the danger of the venom is clear, the scientific end stays front and center. A few real-life stories from victims, who've been stung by scorpions give the book a creepy setting which is sure to intrigue readers, but at the same time, the scorpions are explained, investigated and presented not only from a biological stand-point but also from a chemical one. Readers learn that the venom might be dangerous, but it also offers hopes for the future in medicinal areas.

Various species of scorpions are presented with bright, clear photos which present them in the natural habitat. The anatomy is briefly explained, habits, anti-venom and the truth about scorpion stings. While the main information is presented in paragraph form, other interesting tidbits are scattered in bubbles throughout the page, making it fun to flip through. At the end of the book, there's a glossary, a small chart of the three scorpions to really look out for, an index, places where more information can be found, and a website address to also learn more.

It's a short, bright book which especially reluctant readers will appreciate. The information is well laid-out, making it interesting and enjoyable to flip through time and again.

Welcome to the world of venomous animals! Discover a lizard that can take down a huge water buffalo, a small spiny frog that can kill a human, a tiny black scorpion that can sicken a person to the point of death, and much more. In this engrossing narrative nonfiction series for young readers, learn about which venomous animals are the most deadly to humans, the effects of venom, and how scientists are using venom to create lifesaving drugs. Packed with exciting wildlife encounters, cutting-edge science, and loads of info about venom and its deadly effects, this exciting new series will captivate young readers.

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