Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Review: ABC, Can You Find Me? by Jakki Tauer

by Jakki Tauer
MCP Books
Picture Book
ages 1 and up

Find one or find them all! Search for the 7 hidden letters on each page. A great book for letter recognition and hand eye coordination. Read the engaging rhyme on each page--then let the hunt begin! It's never too early to introduce the Alphabet to growing, curious minds: let's get started!


There are so many good things about this book, and every time I picked it up, I couldn't help but smiling.

The concept is simple—letting young children get their first impression of the abcs. This isn't about teaching kids the sounds which correlate with the letters, or how the letters relate to any thing. Rather, this book gives kids the chance to see letters and familiarize themselves with them in a fun way.

The illustrations are photos of felt pictures (sometimes with other objects mixed in). Not only are these cute, but it gives a warmth and depth to the pictures. They are simple, yet express all that is needed as the letters are mixed in with the objects. It's a lovely seek-and-find, which young listeners are sure to love and feel an accomplishment when they discover all of the letters. The 'hiding places' are not difficult, making this perfect for those beginning preschoolers.

Each picture has a theme, which threads into a little rhyme. The text is short, sweet and encourages the search for the letters. Young listeners are drawn into very familiar moments with positive objects from daily life. It makes learning to recognize the letters easy and fun.

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