Thursday, November 15, 2018

Review: Five Little Oysters, Plus Three Books by Sukey Molloy

For today's review, I have something a little bit different.

Sukey Molloy is, among other things, a musician who has brought out her 5th music CD with lovely children's songs for young listeners up to age eight (or even older). 

(as taken from her website:

Fifth in Sukey Molloy’s award winning musical collection, Five Little Oysters features favorite traditional family tunes, original songs, and the spoken word. In keeping with Molloy’s up-close, cheery, participatory style, Five Little Oysters invites listeners into a personal, intimate world of familiar old time favorites! Molloy changes up the lyrics with lots of special effects, creative rhythmic nuances, and colorful percussive textures, and highlights educational, learning fun with counting, farm animals, and cozy family listening for children of all ages!
Visit the Sukey’s Picture Books page to shop for the companion audio-picture-books.

More information concerning the CD, including purchasing can be found...

But that's not all!

There are three picture books available to accompany several of the songs in the album. Each one is available as a standalone tale, and thanks to a code for a free download of each correlating song, also works well as a sing-along or a read-along.

Each of these books is available:


This was the first time I'd listened to Sukey Molloy's songs, and I enjoyed each and every single one. While most carry some familiarity, they're sung with so much fun, gusto and life that it's hard not to get swept up into each one. They are fun to sing to and dance with, and the three books which are separately available add another nice possibility.

The three books come separately and function as very individual picture books. The story follows the words of the songs and each works nicely as it's very own read-aloud tale. The stories and text are simple, just right for younger listeners. The repetition allows the kids to jump into the tale and guess what is coming next. The extra bonus of a code for a download of the fitting song, which is available in each book, adds another lovely dimension. Kids can flip through the pages on their own as the read the song or sing along themselves.

I'm a fan of felt illustrations, since they give off the sense of more depth, fuzziness and warmth. While the felt scenes are simple and repetitive in these books, they fit well to the songs and the tale which is told. 

I find the repetition and the possibility of children hearing the songs, singing them and seeing the words a wonderful way to encourage the first steps into reading. Without realizing it, children begin to recognize the words and will be able to spot the same ones in other places.

The books are great for preschoolers and younger listeners, especially those who enjoy music.

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