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Interview with Author Nadishka Aloysius

Today, an author with multiple books out there for middle graders through Young Adults has agreed to stop by and answer some questions! First, here are several of her most recent titles...

by Nadishka Aloysius
Illustrated by Manoshi de Silva
Middle Grade Fantasy 
86 pages
ages 7 to 10

Are you looking for a HEARTWARMING tale of FAMILY and FRIENDSHIP? Something that can be enjoyed by both children and adults? 

Ronan is a young boy who is dealing with a crisis. He and his parents have just moved into his Grandmother's house to look after the sick old lady. The ramshackle old house and garden also pose a problem as Ronan is very introverted and anxious about anything new and even refuses to venture into the garden. 
Everything changes when Ronan makes an unexpected friend - a dinosaur. Scoot introduces the young boy to new experiences and helps him gain some self confidence. However all good things must come to an end...and more change and upheaval are on the way...

YA Mythology
41 pages

Sita Devi, the wife of Lord Rama has been abducted by the Demon King Raavana. Hanuman, the Ape hero, is tasked with building a bridge to facilitate the invasion of Lanka. The expedition is however brought to a halt by the workings of the Mer-People who inhabit the Indian Ocean. Will Hanuman be able to overcome their enchantments and complete his task? Who is the mysterious Mer-Queen? What part has she to play in this epic war? Is all fair in love and war? 

Taking inspiration from the Ramakien the Thai version of the Hindu tale this story will take you into the heart of the epic conflict.

Discover the characters of the Ramayana retold as never before...

by Nadishika Aloysius
Activity Book / Alphabet
ages 3 to 7

Four year old Toran who is struggling to learn his phonics finds help from the most unlikely person – the Alphabet Fairy! Will he be able to identify all the sounds in time, or will his parents curtail his playtime and take him to a special class? Will they discover his new found friend? 
Go on a magical adventure of learning and discovery with Toran and Ellie, using colourful hand-drawn illustrations…and songs…and loads of fun!

More titles by Nadishka Aloysius can be found here!


Welcome, Nadishka Aloysius!

You are an author, an actor, a teacher of drama, speech and communication...and a mother! I guess my first question is—how do you find time to juggle all of these hats?

With difficulty! There are times when I'm overflowing with ideas but I don't have the time to sit and write it down. Quite the opposite of writer's block! That is my height of frustration... There have been times when I'm in the grip of writing in the middle of a crucial chapter and one of the kids wants attention - there have been tears when they were told "Mamma will come when she's finished her work"  Basically I carry a notebook in my handbag, and my laptop to all the classes I have to take my kids to so that I can write while killing time in the waiting room. One of the funniest things is that sometimes it can take up to half an hour to complete a single sentence!

You’ve written multiple children’s books, and everyone is based in Sri Lanka. Ignoring modern developments (as if that’s possible), how did your life growing up on the island differ from a childhood in the States?

When I was a kid life was simpler. There was practically no technology. We spent a LOT of time playing in the streets (it was much safer than now too for that matter. We were allowed to run about unsupervised) We had TV but very few shows worth watching. I can see a big difference in the kids of modern day Colombo. My books are based in Colombo as it is now so international readers shouldn't find it too different. There are one or two words in Sinhalese but they are glossed in the footnotes, and the lifestyles are not that different although one might say values are more 'traditional'.  But that's part of the charm.

What is your favorite part about writing?

working with beautiful words... and challenging myself by continuously asking 'So what happens next?' 'What's the WORST thing that can happen next?'

And what would you rather eat worms than do?

Cook! I'd probably eat worms if someone else does the cooking!

Many authors were avid readers during their childhood. What were your favorite books while growing up?

Enid Blyton until I was about 11. Then I discovered Agatha Christie and 19th Century Classics which took me through many years. In my late teens I was hooked on spy thrillers until I stumbled on fantasy books, which I love to this day. 

What book are you reading right now?

I'm trying out new authors on kindle these days. I'm in the middle of 'Murder on the Old Bog Road' by David Pearson. It's set in Ireland and I LOVE Ireland! My kids names are from that part of the UK.

When you aren’t writing, what do you like to do? 

I spend as much time as I can reading. I would never say no to a nice cuddle with my kids too. I would love to spend more time watching TV or catching a movie... but that hardly ever happens.

What was your biggest wish as a child?

To be independent and set my own rules. 

Thank you so much, Nadishka!

And here she is...
All about Nadishka Aloysius...

I am a teacher, author, actor and working mom from Sri Lanka (that is the little pearl shaped island off the southern coast of India). 

I have been an avid reader from when I was very young. I tried my hand at creative writing in my teens but then took a long break. I resumed after having two boys of my own with endless questions, active imagination and insatiable curiosity.
I am a teacher of speech, drama and communication, with qualifications from Trinity College London (FTCL) and University of West London (FLCM). I also hold a MA in Linguistics from the University of Kelaniya. I train teachers who wish to specialize in speech and drama.
I also work with a lot of children and I write stories in English for kids. All my books are set in Sri Lanka, but generic enough that they can be enjoyed by anyone.

As a reader my tastes are quite eclectic. I shy away from romance novels and 'chick-lit' though. I have a large collection of crime fiction (mostly Agatha Christie), Fantasy (Tolkien is a favourite), classics, children's literature (from Paddington to the original Pooh Bear to Harry Potter), autobiographies, biographies and other non-fiction. 
I am also an actor. I participated in three plays recently - Othello, Macbeth and Twelve Angry Women. I also hope to act in Crucible next year. 

Since the publication of Ronan's Dinosaur in paperback (available in Sri Lanka only) I have started taking on speaking engagements, workshops and performance reading. SO far I have teamed up with a leading clothing store in Colombo and the British Council and I hope this will continue into the future. 

Discover more about her...

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