Friday, August 25, 2023

Today's read... There's a Yeti in My Tummy by Meredith Rusu

I don't think there's enough Yetis in the least, ones in books. I'm not so sure I want the real ones running around all over the place. Or maybe yetis are very friendly and sweet? I'm betting the one in today's read is super fun. After all, that smile on the cover is pretty contagious. 

The Mighty Good Series
by Meredith Rusu
Illustrated by Martin Moron
4U2B Books & Media
Picture Book
40 pages
ages 4 to 8

AUGUST 29th!!!

What happens when your inner yeti comes out to play?
Matthew is a young boy with BIG, BIG feelings—so big it sometimes feels like there’s a YETI just bursting to get out! And when Matthew’s yeti comes to play, he’s bound to stay all day. That silly yeti comes out of Matthew’s feet, his nose, his hair, his burp, and even his BUTT!

Bound to make any child roar with laughter, There’s a Yeti in My Tummy teaches kids that strong feelings are okay, and so are their inner yetis. Along with Matthew, kids learn to channel those feelings in constructive, positive, and loving ways. And parents will pick up a few tips on language to help children understand when and how to rely on their inner yeti.

An imaginative and fun story told in delightful rhyme by Meredith Rusu and crazy-fun illustrations by Martín Morón, There’s a Yeti in My Tummy is a big, bold, instant classic.
There’s a Yeti in My Tummy is the first book in The Mighty Moods series from 4U2B Books & Media, where we strive to create resources that enable children to become joyful, compassionate, and brave, and that empower parents and adults to instill those qualities in children.

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With a yeti constantly there to liven things up, not much can go wrong...maybe.

Matthew wakes up one morning, feeling that odd rumble in the tummy, which can only mean one thing. His yeti is ready to have some fun. Mom and Dad aren't extremely excited, but it's off to school before much can happen. There, Matthew's yeti peeks out more and more. Better yet, others are letting their yetis appear as well. Soon, silliness is everywhere...and maybe too much.

This is a cute read, which is sure to have listeners smiling most of the way through. The yeti's antics cause a little havoc, keeping the giggles high. It was fun to watch the yeti come out little by little and show up in various areas of the body depending on the situation. Sometimes, that itching to do something crazy does hit that way. The situations come across as familiar, while still holding tons of humor and fun.

This is said to be a book about big feelings...and seeing the yeti take over as ridiculousness hits does make that point loud and clear. But it doesn't come across as a bad thing, most of the time. Just a little naught. Matthew and the others are easy to empathize with. But this doesn't come across as a serious read. Rather, the yetis let silliness come out, and while these do need to get reigned in a little at times, it's the silliness of this read, which holds center stage and will keep readers coming back again and again. 

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