Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Today's read... My Cute Kawaii Drawings by Mayumi Jezewski

Learn to Draw the Cutest Kawaii Picture in Easy-To-Follow Steps
by Mayumi Jezewski
David & Charles
Middle Grade / YA Nonfiction
112 pages

Learn to draw the cutest kawaii pictures in easy-to-follow steps!

Kawaii is a Japanese term that means adorable or cute. In drawing, it describes a simplified style with rounded shapes, representing characters, animals, food, or any object that has a cute, childlike look.

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From adorable food characters to animals and more, young artists are shown how to sketch one cheerful thing after the other.

This book is divided into four chapters: Sushi, Cupcakes & Company, Adorable Cats & Kittens, Unicorns & Other Cute Animals, and Funny Characters. Each of these holds around twenty different characters in various poses. All of them are cute and radiate sunny personalities. 

The directions are very straight forward, starting with a basic shape and building to it little by little until the entire character is done. These are easy to follow and can even be traced if necessary. Thanks to the chapter set-up, the sketches do gain a bit of difficulty as the book goes along. There are very original ideas as well as more standard, making sure young artists gain a variety, which they can later play with and change.

Each of the characters is placed in an entertaining pose or situation, and not just the character straight-on. I did wonder, at first, how this would work, since it seems to leave the artist learning only that position, but as the book goes on and the difficulty gently increases, inspiration and ideas swing right in. 

This is a lovely book for beginners as well as slightly more advanced (as inspiration and fun). 

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