Monday, August 7, 2023

Today's read... The Big Bang and Other Farts by Daisy Bird

Today's read is aimed at all those fart fans, who love to giggle and laugh when a silly moment ensues. And there are plenty of those out there, which is why I was curious to pick up today's read and take a peek. This takes a glance into history and shows how 'farts' made a huge difference. Interesting history always draws my attention, and doing this in a way to make kids laugh is another bonus. So, let's see if this one does everything it promises to.

A Blast Through the Past
by Daisy Bird
Illustrated by Marianna Coppo
Tundra Books
48 pages
ages 4 to 8

For fans of No One Likes a Fart, a hilariously fresh take on gas! A serious documentary turns into a very silly exploration of why important historical events happened the way they did . . . and the answer is always a fart!

One day, Daddy Rat sits his baby rats down to watch a very serious documentary about some of the most important moments in history. Sounds boring, right? However, the babies are delighted and surprised when the documentary shows that the reason for life in the universe isn’t the Big Bang but . . . the Big Fart!

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Historical moments take a silly twist, which will have fart gigglers excited to see the next scene.

I picked this one up, expecting the definition of farts to be used in a broader sense. Which it isn't, and that's more than okay. Giggles and snorts are guaranteed for young fart fans as they coast through various moments in history to find how an unexpected fart could lead to anything. If you're looking for history lessons, this isn't it. Instead, quick scenes are set (big bang, end of the ice age, the creation of the Mona Lisa, etc.) and silliness is set free.

The illustrations are kept basic, but that's all which is needed to get the general gist across and let the humor take over. A few situations shoved the humor onto the side or into the background, which seemed to stifle a little needed emphasis. But giggles still come.

I'm going to recommend this one toward the younger end of the intended age group, since the history is missing on strength for slightly older readers. For younger ones, some of the scenes won't be familiar, but this does give them a glance and acts as a quick introduction before they dive in a little deeper in the future. 

And here they are...

DAISY BIRD is the pseudonym for Jacky Colliss Harvey, the New York Times bestselling author of Red: A History of the Redhead, My Life As A Redhead: A Journal, The Animal’s Companion and Walking Pepys’s London. She studied English at Cambridge University and art history at the Courtauld Institute. She has worked in museum publishing and is a commentator and reviewer who speaks on the arts and their relation to popular culture. She divides her time between London and New York.

MARIANNA COPPO is an author and illustrator who studied editorial illustration at MiMaster in Milan and now focuses on freelance illustration. Her debut picture book, Petra, received starred reviews from KirkusPublishers Weekly and Booklist, and was shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal. She is also the creator of RayA Very Late Story, Such a Good Boy and, with author Daisy Bird, Whose Poo?. Her most recent book is Thingamabob. 

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