Saturday, August 12, 2023

Today's read... Coral's Reef Vol. 1 by David Lumsdon

The last few days have been hot again, which is perfect for today's read. This one is the first in a brand new manga series and doesn't hit the shelves until October, but I think it's very fitting for cooler thoughts right now. So, I wanted to take a peek. 

This one surrounds a young, mermaid girl and will spin around her daily life...which appears not to be so different than that of a human at her age. I'm expecting school and life drama but undersea style, and I'm hoping it will be cute and fun to read, too. 

by David Lumsdon
Illustrated Shiei
Seven Seas
Young Adult Fantasy /  Manga
256 pages

OCTOBER 3rd!!!

From the creative team behind My Little The Manga (also from Seven Seas), this full-color fantasy graphic novel series for kids and adults is about the fun daily life of a teenage sea sprite!

Meet Coral, a sweet-natured girl who lives with her parents, kid sister Maki, and pet sea otter in the seaside town of Reef Beach. She's no different than any other teenager--except like all inhabitants of New Lemuria, she's not quite human. Coral is a sea sprite, and when not at school, or helping out in her mom's dress shop, or hanging out with friends, she's out catching waves on her beloved surfboard. But Coral's life is about to turn upside down once dreamy fire ifrit, Nick Inferno, comes to town. How can she not crush on this boy who is literally burning hot?!

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Romance, beach, family and friends mix together to create an exciting splash with a sea sprite to root for.

Coral enjoys her life with her little sister and parents, living along the seaside in a town, where all sorts of creatures live. When she runs into an ifrit, who is determined to learn how to surf, she decides to teach him. Not only is he 'hot' in many forms, but she recognizes him as a team captain from another high school. Of course, she crushes on him but doesn't take it seriously until he and his possible girlfriend turn up the first day of school as new students. Add the playboy at the hotel and secret super-powers she doesn't even realize she possesses, and there is more than just a little drama in her future.

This is the first book of a new series, which centers around mythical creatures such as mermaids, sea sprites, and more. The town, Reef Beach, is just like any American, human town, and the high school isn't any different. So, the scenes, while holding waves of fantasy, stay in familiar settings with familiar issues. The illustrations bring these across well and make for an engaging and grabbing tale from beginning to end.

High school drama fans are going to enjoy this read. Coral is a sweet girl with tons of energy and a very good heart. She's on the naive side and doesn't always realize the true intentions of those around her. Luckily, her friends and family are kind and supportive, and create a very positive foundation for the drama she runs into at school. Coral needs to steer the intentions of two guys as well as the girls around her, while developing some unique friendships. The tale does fit well to the young adult audience and still stays light-hearted. The problems are, actually, even appropriate for older middle grade audience. To keep things exciting there are hints at her own hidden powers and secrets surrounding her real father, too. 

There is some light action in these pages, but mostly, it centers around friendships and hidden agendas in high school hallways. It's a fun read with humor, heart, and warm moments, and promises to hold quite a bit more in books to come.

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