Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Today's read... Meltdown! by David Griswold

by David Griswold
Illustrated by Merle Goll
Magination Press
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

FEBRUARY 6th, 2024!!!

This humorous picture book uses robots to help kids explore big emotions.
Did you know robots never stay up past their bedtime? They power down right at seven o’clock. And when robots are upset, they never hit. They use their programming BLEEP BLOOP! But even robots with all the latest updates will occasionally malfunction. Meltdowns happen. And while they are no fun, they don’t last forever. Meltdown! normalizes big emotions and explores some ways to cope with even the biggest mega robot meltdowns. With colorful illustrations full of imaginative details, this pun-tastic picture book is fun to read for robo-kids and grown-up robots alike.


With a hint of scifi-tech and a little modern jargon, the power of an emotional meltdown hits in a fun  and meaningful way.

Robots have a great life. So calm. So calculated. So punctual and exact...until something makes their circuits spark and wires smolder. When a meltdown hits, chaos threatens to break through the control, but there are solutions to dampen even these impending explosions.

This book starts out with cute robots, their family, and the calm, organized way they go through life. It's impressive to watch how little situations of frustration just fly by with ease. After all, robots aren't emotional. They're logical. When something happens, which doesn't compute (a situation which irritates to the extreme), it's funny to watch the inner circuitry go haywire. The reasons behind these meltdowns are understandable. Situations aren't always nice and fair, and this is something young readers will have no problem recognizing and sympathizing with. The solutions come smoothly and teach readers how to calm down and work through problems with other means. 

I recommend this read for the lower end of the suggested age group. While some of the terminology will push some readers/listeners in this age group, the general story flow is well suited for their level. The situations are clear and familiar, and it's obvious what message each moment carries with it. Older readers will catch on right away and the preachiness glistens through. Younger ones will enjoy the robots' antics, though, and be able to see themselves in more than one of the circumstances.

The illustrations are bright and bring across each scene with a touch of humor and lightness, making sure the messages come over with lightness and fun. It's a cute read for more than just robot fans.

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