Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Today's read... The Baseball Book for Boys 9-12 by Jimmy McCall

 I'm always excited to get my hands on sport reads for kids, since these do seem to be a favorite especially in the middle grade range. Today's read heads toward baseball and should cover everything from the history of the sport and players to facts and more. 

The History of the Game, Biographies of the Greatest Players of All Time, Stories of Amazing Games, and Incredible Facts
by Jimmy McCall
Middle Grade Sports
152 pages
ages 9 to 12

In search of the perfect gift for a 9-12-year-old boy who lives and breathes baseball? Do you have a son, grandson, or nephew brimming with curiosity about baseball statistics, lore, and trivia? Are you passionate about passing your love of the game down to the next generation? If any of the above rings true, then look no further...

Introducing The Baseball Book For Boys - it's a grand slam of a book!

This fantastic ebook is authored with genuine passion and unparalleled expertise by the lifetime baseball lover Jimmy McCall. It’s an essential addition to the library of boys obsessed with batting averages and who dream about hitting winning home runs.

The Baseball Book For Boys is overflowing with fascinating facts and enthralling narratives from the rich tapestry of baseball's past and present. It also offers invaluable tips for those taking their first swings and seasoned players looking to up their game.

Here’s what's

An intriguing history of the sport

Go back through the ages to baseball’s fabled beginnings - lost in the mists of time – and decide for yourself who really invented the game. Track the rise of Major League Baseball, and discover how the game has evolved and changed over the years.

A full rundown of how to play

Get the inside track on every last rule, and refresh your knowledge of key terminology, from “around the horn” to “squeeze play.” Get up to speed with a complete explanation of every player’s role and responsibilities on the diamond.

Fascinating biographies of the game’s iconic players

The author gives his verdict on the greatest players of all time. Take a look at their life stories, stats, and famous quotes. Judge for yourself whether Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, and Lou Gehrig truly were the GOATs… Or whether you’d pick different legends for your personal dream team!

Detailed descriptions of the best games ever played

See how the Dodgers overcame their underdog status and achieved the impossible to beat Oakland in the 1988 World Series. Learn how the inexperienced Arizona Diamondbacks defied the odds to snatch the Series from a legendary Yankees team in 2011. Take your seat and enjoy thrilling accounts of five more famous and memorable games!

Become a baseball brainiac

Which top-rated pitcher went to the plate 546 times without hitting a home run? Why was there a 58-year period when no Major League player had facial hair? And who holds the record for the fastest-ever pitch?

You’ll find the answers – and plenty more besides – in The Baseball Book For Boys !

What better way to motivate a 9-12-year-old who loves baseball? Scroll up and grab your copy now!

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With the atmosphere of talking to a favorite uncle, this book dives into more than a few interesting tales and facts surrounding baseball.

After a foreword from the author, the first chapter sets off into the history of baseball and the question of where it originated and why. Then, it launches into the basics of the game and terminology before swinging into the biography of several players, who left their mark on the game. It ends with some of the most important games during history to create a nice closing.

It's clear that the author enjoys baseball and whole-heartedly brings this excitement across. And he does it well. Although there is quite a bit of history, facts, dates, and names in these pages, it never reads like a dry history lecture. The author's voice flows naturally and makes each scene and situation come to life. It never talks down to the reader but guides through the various people and events with genuine appreciation for the sport. It makes it easy to read and sink into.

The illustrations are well done and help certain aspects to gain more clarity, but this book is heavier on the text end, anyway. It does read easily and smoothly, but holds enough information and interesting background to entice even older readers. It's definitely one for fans of the game and offers more than a few interesting insights.

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