Saturday, April 1, 2023

What's Coming in April and More!

I was very tempted to title this post 'What's Springing Up In April' because I'm flower-dreaming...even if the weather is still being difficult. Thoughts of gardening, cake n' coffee on the patio, and, perhaps, even building a waterfall are on my mind. I'm ignoring the fence repairs, deck replacement and other not-so-fun things, at the moment, since dreaming allows that. Of course, there is quite a bit of reading on the horizon as well (and in the present, but isn't there always?). 

This month appears it will be as varied and exciting as always. My pile holds adventure, some fun nonfiction, a serious read or two (but lighter on this end), some light-hearted reads, tenser tales...actually several of these in the young adult arena..., and a few graphic novels. I'm also going to be taking a couple days of for Easter, but that gives everyone time to look around on here and see what reads they might have missed. 

I also have a surprise today...something that was called to my attention for the upcoming Passover celebration (for those of you who celebrate). Scroll all the way down to learn more abou that!


Isn't the cover intriguing? This one should include adventure and swirl in a mix of difficult themes along with heart. With a mother constantly in the hospital, this boy has quite a bit to deal with, and he's in for some self-discovery while searching for a rare bird. Or at least, that's what I think this will be about. I'll be taking a peek on the 3rd.

(Middle Grade?) Young Adult Contemporary


 I've been following this series from the beginning and was thrilled to learn that book three is now on its way. Tim's adventures always promises surprises and, mostly, quirky humor, as well as friendship and daring moments, too. I'm curious to see what this latest tale will bring and will share it with you on the 6th.

Middle Grade Humor


Inspired by a musician and artist from India, this tale follows a fisherman's son and a magical boat on a quest to discover why the fish are disappearing. I'll reveal more on the 10th.

Picture Book


I haven't read the first novel of this series but when has that ever stopped me from diving in? This is a graphic novel, which centers around a theme park, where a portal to a fantasy world has also found its place. I'm up for a good knights' tale, so head into adventure with me on the 12th.

Middle Grade Fantasy  /   Graphic Novel


I believe I missed last month's library read, and I'm not about to let that happen again. This book was recommended to me be a writer friend, and thanks to library swapping, I got my hands on it. Obviously, it has something to do with Pride and Prejudice, which isn't a plus in my world but I'm told that doesn't matter because it's a fun read. I'll tell you what I thought on the 17th.

Young Adult Contemporary


There was no way I was going to pass on the chance to peek into this read. It's all about space, astronauts, rovers and more, and teaches by letting readers build their own pop-up museum. Doesn't that sound fun? Let's go hands on and learn more on the 21st.

Picture Book Nonfiction / Activity


This is the 2nd in a series, which I, of course, have not yet read. Telling by the blurb, it centers around a girl and her magical book, which opens a doorway to a magical kingdom. In book 1, it appears she became a princess in this land, but now, her magical book has gone missing. So, she's in London on a search to find a way to fix the situation. I'll find out more on the 23rd.

Middle Grade Fantasy


I think it's the eerie hints on the cover, which caught my attention on this one, and the title...maybe because I was in the mood for something with haunting vibes. This book circles around a generational birth of a Keeper and a Medium, who are brothers. There are high stakes, dangerous situations, and darker moments involved. Or should be. Find out more with me on the 24th.

Young Adult Paranormal


This one reminded me of my brother, when he was around 5-6 years old. He'd find snakes in the park and bring them home...much to my mother's horror. Especially when he kept one in his sock drawer and she discovered it. Anyway, this is one looks like tons of fun for those beginning readers out there. We'll be exploring it on the 25th.

Chapter Book Contemporary


Originally published about 30 years ago, this book has stood the test of time. I'm going to be taking a peek at the newest edition of this book, which celebrates the possibility of life on other planets. Yep, a science fiction picture book with artistic flair. Curious? So am I. Find out more on the 29th.

Picture Book

Each month, my pile of books grows and grows...always more than I could ever hope to read. But just because my time is tight doesn't mean I don't hope to find a way to grab them up, anyway. Each month, I choose my favorite book on this 'extra' pile and keep it ready to sneak in somewhere, somehow. This month's Joker Read is...


It's been a very long time, since I've stumbled across a superhero read. This one mixes in a bit of science fiction and international power struggles as well as a girl, whose the only sibling without powers... and that while her father is the crazy scientist, who discovered how to 'make' her siblings have them. It sounds like it could be action non-stop with tons of intrigue. I'm excited to dive in...the question is simple 'when'.

Young Adult Science Fiction / Superhero


A Passover Surprise from PJ Library


PJ Library brings the age-old Passover story to life with a wealth of resources via their Passover hub at:

This holiday hub is packed full with everything from music, stories, crafts and recipes to games, history  and printables. Families can find a 15 Minute seder — a step-by-step video playlist where kids can learn (or refresh) their seder skills; the PJ Library Passover River Ride booklet which is the story of Passover in ten scenes; Printable Passover Recipe Cards; Passover-Themed Mad Libs; seasonal lunch box ideas, lists of Passover themed picture books and more.

PJ Library offers a downloadable and colorfully illustrated Haggadah for families: In Every Generation: A Pj Library Family Haggadah. While subscribers receive printed copies, this guide to the seder is also available to download for free in five languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and French. The printed English version of In Every Generation is available from the PJ Library store on Amazon.

New this year, PJ Library books are available on the Novel Effect app. As they read along, seder guests will be treated to a synchronized soundscape to In Every Generation: A Pj Library Family Haggadah, including authentic music, sound effects, and even pronunciation of Hebrew words that help kids stay engaged and excited throughout the meal.

Also available this Passover holiday for the first time are large print, Braille, and audio versions of the Haggadah prepared by the Jewish Braille Institute, to ensure accessibility for anyone who is visually impaired, blind or reading disabled. Aside from the traditional prayers and readings, this downloadable guide to the Passover seder offers up specially curated interactive videos and explanations that help make the holiday a fun, engaging and family-friendly experience

PJ Library Presents podcasts for kids are NAPPA Award-winners, and a new episode of “Afternoons with Mimi” is “Kiddo’s Passover Table.”

To learn more about PJ Library and to find out more about their free book subscriptions for families raising kids in the Jewish tradition, visit


Natalie Aguirre said...

Looks like you've got a lot of different books this month. I've been intrigued by Being Mary Bennett. And I'd love a 15-minute sedar.

Ms. Yingling said...

While my students love the Spy School and FunJungle series, I can't get them to read the Once Upon a Tim series at ALL. I've had multiple ARCS of various volumes, and can't give them away, so I haven't bought any. Looks like you've been reading a bunch, even with all of your spring dreaming!