Saturday, April 29, 2023

Today's read... Lincoln's Big Adventure by Jordan Saez

It's time to hit a bit of information, while enjoying a fun tale...or so I hope. Today's read comes from a teacher and addresses the theme of money, spending, and finances. I found the billon the front cover inviting and was curious to see where he would go and what he would do. So, let's take a peek and see how this money flows.

by Jordan Saez
Illustrated by Layla Davis
Picture Book
46 pages
ages 4 to 8

How do dollars count in our everyday lives? Lincoln, an eager and outgoing dollar bill, wants to make a difference in his community. But how? He comes across several opportunities as he visits the hands of multiple community members who also want to make a big difference. Lincoln travels from one hand to the next, being a hero to the homeless, a big help to the sick, and even makes friends along the way.



Written with a little adventure, this book dives into the world of simple finances in a fun way.

Lincoln, named after the President Lincoln on the $5 bill, is excited to travel around and discover the world around him. Not only does he get to see quite a few things, but he learns a bit about finance and how people spend in various ways.

This book takes a cute dive into the world of money by following a likeable character on his journey. Lincoln is a bill with a sympathetic personality, who is simply curious and ready to learn. If bill's had a heart, his would be golden, and this makes him easy to follow as he goes from one situation to the next. Listeners and readers are drawn into the small adventures and will be eager to see how each one continues as Lincoln meets various characters and learns quite a bit along the way.

Simple finances are addressed in a fun way, which draws in but still keeps the information clear. Not only are themes such as counting and spending addressed, but the author goes further and addresses the social side as well. It's a well-rounded read, which does a nice job at introducing young readers/listeners to money and spending, while keeping things entertaining as well.

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