Monday, April 10, 2023

Today's read... The Rainbow Snail by Karin Akesson

Spring has seeped into our world, and that fits wonderfully with today's read. This cute snail heads for the youngest readers out there. If you can't tell by the shell, there are going to be many colors involved because this snail is supposed to help readers learn to identify each one. I'm looking forward to taking a peek, so let's dive in!

by Karin Akesson
Boxer Books
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 0 to 3

A strikingly-designed early learning picture book introducing colors and a fabulous new character—the Rainbow Snail! Karin Åkesson’s beautiful artwork and easy-to-read text combine to create a wonderfully interactive book to teach toddlers colors and a charming read-aloud children’s book for ages 02 and up. Stick with the snail as it journeys through colorful surroundings, from black to the boldest colors of the rainbow!

Blue like the raindrops. Green like the soft grass. Yellow like the warm sun. This is the story of how the rainbow snail came to be. It takes sun and rain to make a rainbow, and what better combination of colors could there be?
The Rainbow Snail’s educational appeal, as young readers follow a brave little creature’s exciting adventure while learning the colors of the rainbow, will make this a popular picture book with educators, librarians, and parents. It makes a lovely newborn gift to help build a collection of baby books for the expecting parents’ nursery library. As with all of Boxer Books’ titles, this baby book has an inventive but classic theme that children and adults can enjoy together.



With Springtime flair, these pages explore various colors while radiating the joy of nature...and a super-cute snail.

The snail crawls out of its hiding spot to discover rain, and then, something wonderful—a rainbow. The bright, radiate colors have the snail wishing that it could be so colorful, too. As it moves around, it discovers things with the same colors, which were in the rainbow: indigo blueberries, a yellow sun, and more. Each time, the color is added to its shell.

This is a simple, straight-forward read, which accompanies a snail as it discovers the basic colors in nature. The illustrations are also simple and are directly centered on what is important. They are enjoyable to gaze through, make it clear what is happening, and don't add any unnecessary clutter, which allows the listeners to center on the colors. The text is done in a playful font, which is easy enough to read for a read-aloud but adds a whimsical touch. It slides in a tiny-touch of literary flair while, again, staying basic enough for the intended age group. 

The snail didn't do much and often stayed on the same place on each page, and I found this quite clever. The snail still, somehow, comes across as adorable without distracting too much from the color discovery. It's never explained how the colors get on its shell, but this also doesn't matter. The colors collect, one after the other like a rainbow. It keeps the colors in front of the listeners' eyes, while adding a touch of fun. I could easily see this one leading into a craft, where readers create their own snails.

And here she is...

Karin Åkesson is inspired by her Swedish heritage and wants to emphasize the sunny things in life. She creates and sells prints of her beautiful art, homeware, and stationery all over the UK and Europe. Clients include The British Heart Foundation, the Guardian, the Independent, the Telegraph, Habitat, Saatchi and Saatchi, and Veuve Clicquot.​

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