Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Today's read... Saving Snakes by Jessica Lee Anderson

My youngest daughter is a huge animal fan and has her sights set on working with animals as her future career. So, today's read was something, which immediately caught my eye. Plus, isn't that girl on the cover inviting and friendly? Paired with the snake in her hands, it draws attention and does a great job at setting the stage for this read. 
This is a chapter book for sure readers and should include animal facts and tons of wholesome fun.

by Jessica Lee Andersen
Illustrated by Alejandra Barajas
Capstone Publishing
Chapter Book
95 pages
Reading level 1-3
ages 6 to 9

When Mom brings home a new houseguest from the exotic animal hospital, it sparks a great idea. Naomi decides to form a snake rescue club with her best friend, Emma, and her brother, Nolan. But tensions arise with her next-door neighbor Taylor, who hates snakes. Will the snakes bring them together or drive them apart? One thing is for certain: rescuing snakes leads to adventures—and even friendships—that Naomi never imagined!



Animal fans will enjoy this read as they accompany a friendly girl and her desire to help any animal she can, especially snakes.

Naomi is excited when her mother brings home an exotic snake to heal after a surgery at the rescue. As she helps to care for Beauty, she has an idea—there are snakes in the neighborhood, who might need help too. So, she forms a snake rescue club with the support of her parents, best friend and b
rother. All's going great except for the neighbor girl, who not only hates snakes but seems to have a difficult attitude in general. Still, Naomi is determined to do the best she can.

This is a book in a series, which centers around various animals and a girl's love for each and every one. The author does a terrific job at creating a familiar setting with a character to like and wish was a reader's friend. Readers will have no trouble identifying with her, and not only her love for animals but the relationships with her family and friends. She's simply a normal girl, and it's this which will have readers wanting to help the animals around them as well.

The text is great for those readers, who are very sure of their words but not quite ready to dive into a longer, middle grade novel. There are bright and colorful illustrations strewn in and the font is slightly larger for easier reading. There are snake facts peppered in, which allow readers to learn more about the reptiles. At the end of the book, there are several activities such as snake facts, questions, writing suggestions, and more. 

Rescuing animals is kept down at a very realistic level, making sure readers are aware of the dangers, problems, and benefits Naomi faces when heading on this venture. Not only does this rotate around the animals, but also hits on the fears and reactions people have, and what influence this has on the situations. To round it off, there's the side-plot concerning rockier relationships and forming friendships. So, there is quite a bit of goodness in these pages, and I'm excited to see what Naomi will be up to in the future.

Here she is...

I've attached my photo, a photo of the series, and here is my bio: Jessica Lee Anderson is an award-winning author of over fifty books for young readers. She once was afraid of snakes, but now has a deep appreciation for these misunderstood and often misidentified creatures. You can learn more about Jessica by visiting http://www.jessicaleeanderson.com.


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I love snakes. What a great concept for a book.