Friday, September 30, 2022

What's Coming in October?

 It's October!!! I don't know why I'm this super-excited about a reading month...well, I actually do! I have such the line-up this time. But I usually don't get THIS excited. October is going to be amazing thanks to tons of mysterious, spooky, and even silly reads. 

*takes big deep breath*

I've always dreamed of having an October schedule like this year's. So, are you ready to get a small peek at the amazing reads coming up this month?


I'm starting the month with a Halloween read for the youngest because I don't know of any age group, which looks more forward to Halloween than the little ones. And oh, the costumes they have! This one is full of doors to flip and open...and we'll visit all of them on the 1st.

Board Book


Lockers carried many spooks during my high school days (mostly other students' rotted lunches), but you never know what's really lurking in those dark hallways. This one is even a choose-your-own-adventure style, which I've always loved. Let's all become detectives and sneak into the classroom after dark on the 4th.

Middle Grade Mystery


"Armed with ten years of receptionist training, mediocre fighting skills, and non-stop self-deprecating sarcasm..." This line in the blurb already had me hooked. A teen, who fell over a cliff to his death has spent 10 years in afterlife pushing paperwork and now, turns demon hunter. Unwillingly. Need I say more? We'll head into this one on the 8th.

Young Adult Paranormal

A family hotel is about to go under in this read, and a boy is determined to stop it. This one promises adventure, friendship, and tons of mystery. I love the cover and the little ghost on the side. And the tree house. Isn't that a neat...if not threatening looking...tree house? It looks like we're heading into the forests of Maine on the 9th to find out more.

Middle Grade Mystery


I reviewed the first book in this series a while back, and now, I'm doing the 2nd! See, wonders never cease. While the MC escaped the parallel world...barely, the closed door calls to her. Of course, she's not stupid enough to open it. But things take a horrible twist, and she might just have to open it again, knowing it means her death. Yep, chills are guaranteed on the 13th!

Young Adult Thriller


Kids love to sketch and draw, and I know mine are still excited to get their hands on books like this one. Plus, it does hold monsters and fits right into my Halloween theme...just cuter than dark beasts. I'm excited to dive into this one and hope your young reader will be inspired right along with mean, kids. Not me as an adult. Right? (We'll sneak in a scribble or two on the 21st).

Middle Grade Nonfiction


Monsterly fun and hits the world of toilet training...and yep, I thought this would work well for the spooky season, too. After all, monsters can be fun as I just showed in the read above. Right? Anyway, this one has received recognition and will be posted on her on the 22nd.

Picture Book


Doesn't the title and cover scream Halloween fun? It drew me in and the blurb had me hooked. Shadows are combing the neighborhood and causing all sorts or mischief and trouble...ones that nobody by Cody can see. I'm ready for a few surprises in this read. Discover them with me on the 23rd.

Middle Grade Paranormal


Classics are considered endless for a reason, and what spooky season can go by without a good mystery from Holmes? To make this especially worth a peek: it's a graphic novel with a bit of traditional flair. I'm going to peer into this one on the 29th.

Upper Middle Grade / Young Adult Mystery


Nonfiction cannot be ignored, and this read promises to discover all of those mysterious places, which have simply gone missing over time. I doubt this has to do with spooks and chills, but I'm still eager to dive into this one and learn all sorts of new things. 
When can you join me to take a glance? Well, that's the mystery!

Children's Nonfiction

I have to smile at this section of my monthly post, since I'm not sure it really makes as much sense to you, the reader, as it does to me. The glimpses I show above are on my in scheduled for those specific days (could be shoved around, but that always causes me scheduling issues). Each and every day of the month (and usually the two or so following) are booked out. I only show you ten of those reads to keep the fun and suspense high. But I even have more books than those! These come in from publishers and writers at the last minute, or are just on my personal reading list...and these are supposed to, somehow, be squeezed in, too. (Yeah, right.) But I do my best, and that's where the Joker Read comes in. This is a read, which is on that unscheduled pile that I am determined to slide into this month's posted reviews.  

So, what do I have waiting on the side-lines for October?


This year, I've taken a deep dive into the world of house renovation. So, this read hit me just right. It's about a mother and daughter, who buy houses, renovate, and sell them. This house, though, refuses to be sold. I loved the cover the moment I saw it. It already released in 2019, and looks deliciously creepy. But when will I get to it? Well, that's the spooky surprise for us all.

Young Adult Horror

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Wow! You have a lot of books to read. The Ghost of Spruce Point and Yesterworld look interesting.