Monday, September 5, 2022

Happy Book Birthday, Spy School Project X by Stuart Gibbs!

I might be a tiny bit early with this post, since today's read actually comes out tomorrow. But I'm all about celebrating birthdays (not only book ones) to their fullest. Life is serious enough, so when the time to party arises, might as well embrace it with enthusiasm. As my mother used to say, "Why celebrate only one day, when you can party for two weeks?" Which is funny, considering my mother was anything but a party-animal.

Anyway, this book is the tenth...yep, the the series. I have actually followed this series for years and enjoy every adventure, which comes out. At least, I have so far. I'm betting that won't change with this new installment, either.

Ready to put on that spy coat and hat?


Spy School, #10
by Stuart Gibbs
Simon & Schuster
Middle Grade Adventure
352 pages
ages 8 to 12

In the tenth book in the New York Times bestselling Spy School series, Ben Ripley races against time and across state lines—by car, train, boat, and plane—to avoid his new cyber enemies and track down Murray Hill.

Ben Ripley’s longtime nemesis, Murray Hill, has put a price on Ben’s head and accused him of being at the center of a conspiracy on the internet. Now Ben finds himself in his greatest danger yet, on the run from both assassins and conspiracy theorists.

Ben must find Murray before his machinations catch up to Ben—but with so much at stake, even some of Ben’s most trusted friends might not be at the top of their game, leaving Ben to be tested like never before.



Action, adventure, and humor run as high as ever in this latest installment of a popular series, but unlike the other books, this one takes a sudden and wonderful twist.

It's test time, and like so many other kids (even those who aren't spies), Ben is anything but thrilled. But toughing those tests is soon the least of his worries as a rumor hits the internet, and Ben is accused of being at the heart of the latest conspiracy theory. It's open season on Ben's life as a huge reward is offered to anyone, who can kill him. In a high-tension attempt to stop the lunacy, Ben takes off to find his arch-enemy, but with everything going on, who knows what will happen next.

This was such a refreshing wind into the Spy School world. The author has stepped away from the usual scheme, which has dominated this series, and taken a new plot route, while keeping the action scenes as exciting as before and even adding to the humor and atmosphere. Ben has more to deal with in new directions, and that while still handling his age old enemy, Murray.

There will be those out there, who will criticize this read, thanks to it's twist into the realm of internet and disinformation...just because it is what it is. But for the normal reader (who stays down-to-earth), it's clear that this adds to the story, doesn't mean anything political, and actually opens up the doors for readers to realize that everything on the internet should be investigated, considered, and re-checked more than once because...well, the internet is the internet and can't be taken at face value. So, kudos to the author for attacking that bag of worms without attacking it.

Fans of this series are in for another treat as they accompany Ben on yet another exciting adventure, meet old characters as well as one or two new, fever for Ben as he battles one hurdle after the other, and laugh more than every now and then the entire way through.


Ms. Yingling said...

I'm always suprised when I like books in such large series. This seemed like a last book to me, but I'm not sure. There's another series this author is working on (Once Upon a Tim), so we'll see. Thanks for the review.

Tonja Drecker said...

It'd be a nice way for him to end the series. I've read the new series, found it entertaining, but whether it will hold with Spy School? We'll see!