Saturday, September 10, 2022

Today's read... We are the Ocean by Captain Paul Watson

Today's read comes from a strong supporter of...well, all things and life surrounding the ocean. Captain Paul Watson has received quite a bit of recognition for his work surrounding the preservation of the ocean and the life in it. So, when I got my hands on today's book, I was thrilled.

Plus, who doesn't love water? Maybe not swimming, but it'd be impossible to deny it's importance in all of our lives. 

by Captain Paul Watson
Illustrated by Sarah Borg
Groundswell Books
 Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

We Are the Ocean helps children discover a personal connection to water. The author beautifully describes the importance of the ocean in sustaining life of all living plants and animals. Through the eyes of children with their doggie companions, the question of “what is the ocean?” is answered.

Captivating illustrations and imagery show the continuous cycle of water on earth and teach young readers that water is in all the cells of plants and animals, and even in their own bodies. Readers will be surprised to find that their drinking water was "once in the bodies of dinosaurs!" When children learn that the ocean is part of them, they will hopefully learn to love and appreciate it, and take care of the ocean as they grow older.



With soothing illustrations, the wonders of the ocean and importance of water to our world comes across loud and clear.

The illustrations make this book. They are beautifully created and draw in with every scene. The lighter coloring and natural images calm, and still invite to dreaming. There's a touch of whimsical and imagination in every single one, while they bring across the wonders of nature and life. It's enjoyable to simply flip through these and gaze at them time and again.

The text is kept short and sweet, giving just enough direction to let the illustrations take over. The vocabulary is age appropriate. There is a concept or two, which might need to be explained to younger listeners (such as cells and humans being made of water), but nothing expands past the intended audience level. The entire book is a homage to water and brings across the importance it carries to the world and life on it. The messages are there, but never overpower the simpler wonder.

It's a wonderfully constructed book, which is sure to become a gazing favorite.

And here they are...

Captain Paul Watson is a marine conservationist, master mariner, author, educator, and poet. He is the founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and cofounder of the Greenpeace Foundation. Born in Ontario, Canada, Captain Watson currently resides in Vermont.

Sarah Borg is a published artist, mother, and dog enthusiast. She established Sea Shepherd UK in 1986 specifically to support the campaign to stop the pilot

whale slaughter in the Danish Faroe Islands. Born in South Devon, England, she now lives in the South of France.

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