Saturday, September 3, 2022

Today's read... Friends by Daniela Sosa with an Interview!

Today's read comes out in a few days. Hitting the shelves on the 6th, this read is all about friendship. I just found the theme perfect for today's world and decided to give this read a go. After all, where would any of us be without friends? The author-illustrator was also kind enough to stop by and answer a few questions...which is especially exciting, since this is her debut book!

by Daniela Sosa
Paula Wiseman Books
Picture Book
40 pages
ages 4 to 8


Celebrate the wonder of new friends, old friends, and everything-in-between friends in this joyful, resonant picture book.

There are many kinds of friends—old friends, new friends, friends that last a lifetime—and the day to make new friends is always near, if you look. This story celebrates all of them: who they are, where we find them, and what we count on them for.



The miracle of friendship spills from every page, bringing in not only the ups but also the downs to create a touching and warming read.

This book is all about friendship. While the cover already hints at the diversity covered in these pages, that's only the beginning. Friendship ranges from old to young, short moments to year-long relationships, and includes happy times as well as sad experiences. All of that comes into play with only a short phrase or two on each page, making this a nice read-aloud, which lets these illustrations really shine.

The illustrations bring each situation to life, allowing the scenes to hit with familiarity and draw young readers/listeners in. The vast array of characters and situations not only demonstrates the huge range friendship covers, but also gives something for almost every reader/listener to identify with...good and sad. The ending leaves a positive note with a sense of care and warmth.


I was thrilled when Daniela agreed to take the time and answer some questions for us. It's always fun to learn more about the author...and this time, illustrator as well, since she does both. I don't think I've met an author yet, who didn't have interesting hobbies or background or experiences. Daniela isn't any different, I'm excited to introduce everyone to her today.

Thanks so much, Daniela, for stopping by today.  I just love your illustrations—so vibrant! Do you have a favorite medium you enjoy working with? And then, where is your favorite place to let inspiration flow?

Thank you! My favourite medium changes frequently - I’m now pretty excited by collage for example, but when illustrating ‘Friends’ I felt more drawn to ink and pencils. However there is one constant in my work: the digital editing, I’d be lost without it!

Favourite place: probably sitting in a café by myself, looking at people, sketching and thinking about new book ideas.


Collage does sound fun! So, what drew you to the kidlit realm?

I love how varied and creative children’s books can be - you can be as playful or as conservative as you want, experiment with all kinds of mediums or illustration styles, write about almost any topic, from the most serious to the most silly and fun - you have so much artistic freedom. I like being playful in my work and I think children’s books are the best place for that.


And this book isn't only playful but the writing holds such a warm message. What is your favorite part about writing? And what would you rather eat worms than do?

Writing is pretty new to me, so I’m not feeling very confident about it. I love it when, after being stuck for a while, the right wording just suddenly comes to me - it’s a perfect feeling of flow. Least favourite part - being stuck for a while, not finding the right words haha!


That sounds like a circle of up and downs, but hopefully, you'll never be stuck too long! What were your favorite books while growing up?

I grew up in Romania in the 1990s, and the books I had as a child had a very distinctive look, popular at that time: limited colour palette, great design, idyllic scenery. Some of the books made a very long lasting impression on me, I can still remember certain spreads. I think the ones I liked the most always involved a bit of mystery and danger: one of my  favourites is about a little girl who can’t sleep, so goes on a night walk to see how other creatures sleep - it’s sadly out of print now!


Oh, that is too bad. I would have gone and taken a peek at it out of curiosity. When you aren’t illustrating or writing, what do you like to do? 

I enjoy ( very long) nature walks, cycling, reading, browsing bookshops, people watching, DIY projects around the house  and, most of all, spending time with my family.


All of that sounds so calm and relaxing, great for the creative juices, too. What was your biggest wish as a child?

Haha, probably the ability to buy all the toys I saw on TV or in shops! Or have superpowers… or discover a great mystery…  or be an anime character…


Then, it's a good thing you've entered the kidlit world. Maybe, you'll have a chance to do all of that and more.  Oh, and before I forget, what about your favorite snack? (Yes, I might be a tad bit hungry while asking you these questions.)

It has to be pastry - but savoury, not sweet. Or buttered toast, I can never say no to that.

I don't think anyone's answered buttered toast before, but if it's even self-baked toast...yeah, how could anyone say no to that?
Thanks again, and here's wishing you tons of success!

And here she is...

Daniela Sosa makes her author-illustrator debut with Friends. Originally from Romania, she now resides in Cambridge, England. She is a graduate of the children’s book illustrations master’s course at the Cambridge School of Art. When she isn’t drawing, she enjoys nature walks and crafty projects. Learn more at

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