Thursday, September 15, 2022

Today's read... Ride, Roll, Run: Time for Fun! by Valerie Bolling

Today's read is all about having fun...and isn't that great? I've become a fan of this author's books and especially enjoyed her debut, Let's Dance, since the joy of music and dance leapt from every page. So, I was excited to get my hands on her upcoming release, too. (Beginning of October)

Ready to see if this one holds a great atmosphere, too?

by Valerie Bolling
Illustrated by Sabrena Khadija
Abrams Appleseed
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

OCTOBER 4th!!!

A joyful, rhyming picture book that is an ode to community and outdoor play

Pedal, pump.
Speed bump!
Ride, roll, run.
Friends and fun!

This energetic picture book celebrates community and friendship, following children as they play their way through their vibrant neighborhood. Author and educator Valerie Bolling’s rhyming text makes for an exciting read-aloud and is paired with stunning illustrations by Sabrena Khadija



The joy of playing around after a hard day at school isn't only familiar but contagious and will have readers already planning their next round of fun and games.

Written in simple, poetic, rhyming form, these pages let the excitement of afterschool activities fly. These kids are ready to head outdoors, meet up with others, and enjoy their free time. The array of games and possibilities sails beyond cultures and upbringings as these kids enjoy climbing, dancing, getting soaking wet and more. 

The illustrations carry an imaginative flair, which holds enough details to be familiar and, yet, doesn't demand exactness to reality. It makes it as playful as the text. These, along with the rhyme, will have kids coming back to read this one time and again.

The theme isn't deep, but it's one every young reader will relate to. There is the message of diversity in the illustrations but this slides right in with the fun to steer very clear of preachiness. The main purpose is to celebrate playing with friends, and this comes across loud and clear.

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