Sunday, September 18, 2022

Today's read... The Second Death of Edie and Violet Bond by Amanda Glaze

 Today's read nods toward the fast-approaching October and the shift toward spookier reads thanks to Halloween. I loved the cover and attention grabbing title. One tiny peek at the blurb, and I was hooked. I've had to shove this one around a bit because of some scheduling changes, but I'm finally getting to dive in...and super excited!

Ready to see how spooky this one gets and if it will meet your pre-scare desires?

by Amanda Glaze
YA Paranormal / Historical / Mystery
Union Square Co
368 pages

OCTOBER 4th!!!

Sacramento, 1885  
Edie and Violet Bond know the truth about death. The seventeen-year-old twins are powerful mediums, just like their mother—Violet can open the veil between life and death, and Edie can cross into the spirit world. But their abilities couldn’t save them when their mother died and their father threatened to commit them to a notorious asylum.   
Now runaways, Edie and Violet are part of a traveling Spiritualist show, a tight-knit group of young women who demonstrate their real talents under the guise of communing with spirits. Each night, actresses, poets, musicians, and orators all make contact with spirits who happen to have something to say. . . notions that young ladies could never openly express. But when Violet’s act goes terribly wrong one night, Edie learns that the dark spirit responsible for their mother’s death has crossed into the land of the living. As they investigate the identity of her mysterious final client, they realize that someone is hunting mediums…and they may be next. Only by trusting in one another can the twins uncover a killer who will stop at nothing to cheat death.



With a perfect mix of sisterly bonds, historical moments, chills, and thrills, this is a read to cuddle up with and enjoy.

Edie and Violet are twins, who have inherited their parents' talents as mediums. Violet can open the door to the afterlife, while Edie can cross over to the spirit world. Despite their strength, they were unable to hinder their mother's death and barely escaped their father's attempt to lock them away in an asylum. Now, in hiding, they travel with a spiritualist show and, along with other talents, entertain without completely exposing themselves. But that even falls apart when Violet accidentally releases the spirit, who killed their mother, into the world.  Edie is at odds with Violet and is determined to battle this dangerous secret alone, but soon, she discovers that, alone, she's in way over her head. 

Let me just say that this is the perfect novel to pick up if you're looking for something to slowly get you into the Halloween mood. From the foreword, which gives a personal account of the true history of the twins, through the entire read, and all the way to the end, this book delivers. The author has done their research on the time period and spiritualism...and that already makes it a treat and gives it a wonderful touch. Add the quick-paced plot, smooth writing, and well-laid mystery, and there's little to criticize. 

The relationship between the sisters is believable and takes a journey of its own. They don't always get along and often find themselves in larger arguments. And yet, the sisterly bond never truly breaks and is there when it is needed most. There is growth on many ends with the two, giving a wonderful character arc on both ends. Violet was a little less present in the first half, as far as her talents are concerned, but she shines when her time comes.

This is mystery, chills, and a bit of romance, but just enough of this last one to keep the tale from heading nose first into a very dark ride. The mystery comes first right along with the chills of a released murderer and the realm of spirits, and this is well done all the way to the end. There are more than a few surprises and moments, which made me hold my breath. The romance is well woven as to come across naturally without over-shadowing any of the main story arc. 

I highly recommend picking this one up if you're into paranormal historical reads.

And here she is...

Amanda Glaze grew up in Northern California where she spent most of her time in imaginary worlds. She received a bachelor’s degree in theater from UCLA and an MFA in Creative Writing from Hamline University. She’s lived many lives: as a bookseller, a theater director, and an Emmy award-winning film and tv producer. When she’s not running off to the mountains, she lives in Los Angeles with her partner where she can most often be found cuddled up with a cat dreaming up ways to bring more magic into the world. The Second Death of Edie and Violet Bond is her debut novel. You can visit her at

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