Wednesday, September 7, 2022

IWSG and today's read... A Feast For Pleasant Beasts by James Bird

I'll get to today's read in a moment, but first...


Every 1st Wednesday of the month, writers get together to express fears, concerns, and offer hope as well as encouragement or whatever else their hearts desire. This group was birthed by the amazing Alex J. Cavanaugh and has grown into a thriving, broad community with tons of possibilities. Check it out here!

This month's question is: What genre would be the worst one for you to tackle and why?

Contemporary drama of any type. It doesn't matter if it's a picture book or a full-fledged novel or anything in between. Writing real life related tales just isn't me. I've tried and fail each and every time. I'm currently working on a chapter book series, which I'd originally hoped would be 'normal'. And guess what happened? A ghost snuck in to give in a tiny touch of paranormal! I get SO bored with anything, which doesn't have a tiny touch of fantasy or high-tech or spooky goofiness or...oh, I don't know. Just something. 

Weird thing is, historical fiction works for me. Maybe because it seems like an imaginative setting since it's in the past and impossible to go back and experience? 

The other genre, which gives me trouble, is romance, but I've actually gotten that one to work in a short story a time or two. I just giggle and blush the entire way through (see, I'm a goofy mess!) And those always headed toward a humorous twist. So, I'm thinking serious romance ain't gonna happen, either.

What about you? Does your writing brain strike when it comes to certain genres?


Now, off to today's read...which is packed with fantasy! This one was an unexpected surprise and so fun to read. The idea swings around a yearly feast, one which beasts...monsters...want to attend, but they have to be well-mannered or they're not allowed. Doesn't that sound fun? 

by J.T. Bird
Picture Book
46 pages
ages 4 to 8

OCTOBER 1st!!!

It’s not only bears that cherish a secret picnic…

Every July beasts gather in the forest for a feast and plenty of fun, but if you wish to attend then you need to have marvellous manners. Whether you’re a troll, a yeti, cyclops, or pungent monster - it really doesn’t matter so long as you’re reasonably pleasant. But - surprise surprise - things don’t always go according to plan.

From award-winning author and comedian JT Bird comes a delicious blend of Where the Wild Things Are and The Tiger Who Came to Tea. This is a joyous tale about friendship, kindness, and oodles of creamy desserts. Perfect for early readers - it will teach children about tolerance and good old fashioned values, whilst sparking a few giggles too.

(And it’s just the ticket for fans of peculiar creatures)

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These beasts hold quirks and curiosities galore, but that's nothing when compared to the fantastical fun, when they finally sit down and enjoy a very special feast.

Cuthbert, a very normal boy, enjoys cooking...and even more so, when it's for a feast. Once a year, he holds a special feast for all the wonderful beasts in the forest. There's one rule: they have to be well-mannered during the feast. Each one is introduced with every delightfully odd attribute they possess. But when the feast begins, so does the true excitement.

This is a read-aloud book, which is packed full of fantasy and humor. There's a longer poem describing each beast and setting (hence the read-aloud perfection) with a bright and entertaining illustration next to it. The poems pack tons of silly descriptions as they present the beasts in all of their strangeness. There are even some more difficult words built in to help expand listeners' vocabularies without weighing down.

The feast is all it should be with a few extra bonuses as the beasts, after well-behaved dining, come together to help clean up before ending out the evening on a nice note. It rounds off all the fun with a sense of working together and companionship...and maybe, even a last giggle or two.


Natalie Aguirre said...

I couldn't write romance either. It's interesting that you can't write contemporary but can write historical. Thanks for the picture book recommendation.

Michelle Wallace said...

I have no interest in writing sci-fi and fantasy. However, I have read a bit of both genres over the years. I’m amazed at the intricate worlds that some of these writers build.

~September IWSG co-host.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I wouldn't giggle but I might blush.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

A little ghost never hurt any story.