Tuesday, May 31, 2022

What's Coming in June?

It's summer!!! Okay, not officially, but with school out, I'm just declaring it so (persumptive, aren't I?). That means a new type of busy during the next months...the type I prefer, since it means that we don't have to get up every weekday at 5:45am to get my son on the bus. Yep, early morning risers in this house!

What does that mean on the reading end? Well, tons of great reads, of course. I'm actually hitting a more serious note on the young adult end of things this month, which surprised even me. But the blurbs were just so intriguing that I found myself lured in. To make up for this heavier look at life, I've got quite the mix of adventure, fantasy and excitement in the middle grade and picture book realms. I've changed this post dozens and dozens of times, not sure which books to give you guys a glimpse at, since I really have some amazing reads this month. So, keep stopping by to see what's up because tons and tons of goodness is on its way. 


I love getting my hands on non-fiction for younger readers, and this one cozies up with the ancient Olmecs, who once lived in a part of Mexico. The culture, life style, and other facts are supposed to be brought across in an easy-to-understand manner for beginning readers...which sounds great. Find out more with me on the 1st.

Picture Book Non-Fiction


This is the first book in a series and takes a look at an odd pair: a fox and a boar. That alone sparked my curiosity. I'm not sure what to expect, except that it circles around the forming of the odd friendship. It's also one of several books and has been doing rather well. We'll find out more on the 5th.

Picture Book


I must be feeling 'deep' this month because this is the first of a few serious reads. Unlike some of the others, though, this one has an interesting twist. It takes a peek at a teen with autism, who dreams of manning a mission to Mars. I believe there's a touch of scifi , but it still clings toward a contemporary direction...I think??? Find out more with me on the 6th!

Young Adult Science Fiction


I've been seeing quite a bit of buzz about this one, which releases a couple of days after I'll be putting up my thoughts. It's sold as a Black Panther meets X-Men and should be action packed...just my kind of thing. I do love the cover with all of that wonderful hair (and assume that has something to do with her superpower). Join me on the 9th to take a peek.

Middle Grade Fantasy and Myth


A magical, hidden circus? A girl, who's trying to save the city? Add that this one is staged on Venice Beach, and there was no way I could pass up on the chance to take a peek. Tight-rope-walkers and clowns beware because we're coming on the 13th!

Middle Grade Fantasy


Ready to dance between dimensions? This is the 3rd in the Keeper of the Watch series...and no, I have not read the first two books, yet. But when has that ever stopped me? I found the cover intriguing and the blurb promises an easy, exciting read. Zip through time with me on the 16th.

Young Adult Science Fiction


I'm stepping into my usual habit of starting a series with book two and taking a peek at this 'sci-fi, kung-fu, and hip-hop goodness'. Sounds exciting, right? I'm expecting adventure, action, spies and some humor, too. Oh, and this kid is supposedly a king of a science fiction somewhere as well. So, there should be a ton going on. I'm diving in on the 20th.

Middle Grade Science Fiction


This is the 2nd book in a series and deals with... well, it's obvious. I really needed a bit of humor added in this month and figure this one adds a different twist, which I know several kids will giggle about. Hold your noses and join me on the 26th!

Picture Book


This one waves from South Africa and takes a look into history, while weaving a tale of three very different teens from very different situations, who come together. This promises tons of heart, grit, and is sure to make those thought gears churn. I'll be taking a peek at it on the 27th.

Young Adult Historical


Not only do the illustrations promise to be gorgeous, but this tale slides into the haunting and packs determination. A girl makes a pact to save her siblings, which leads her to a world of ghosts and more. The rhyming promises to be a treat, too. I can't wait to find out if it holds everything I hope it will on the 28th.

Picture Book

Every month, I have a monstrous stack of books to be reviewed, and this stack holds more than I can schedule in. So, each month, I choose one, which I'm determined to squeeze in somehow....somewhere...sometime. 


Diving into the world of high-tech and coding, this one promises an exciting ride as a girl is thrown into the middle of a high-stakes conspiracy. I'm expecting a thrilling read with quick paced scenes, high tension, and more than a few secrets. I can't wait to dig into these pages and see if the story is as intriguing as the blurb promises it will be. When will we find out? Well, that's the question, now, isn't it?

Middle Grade Action-Thriller

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