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Review: 100 Days of Adventure by Greta Eskridge

 I love getting my hands on books, which harbor activity ideas. As a kid, these were always among the first ones I'd take a peek at, when we'd have our weekly trip to the library. Reading is great, but reading and then doing something is even better! So, of course, I was glad to get my hands on this ARC. It comes out tomorrow and promises tons of adventure and fun for those summer months...and every other time of the year.

This one is written by a homeschooling mom, which also caught my attention, since I've been on the boat for the last two years, too. 

Ready for some ideas to keep life interesting?

Nature Activities, Creative Projects, and Field Trips for Every Season
by Great Eskridge
Illustrated by Emily Park
Thomas Nelson
Middle Grade Non-Fiction
208 pages

Coming May 3rd!!!

Second-generation homeschooling mom Greta Eskridge shares 100 hands-on learning activities for kids that will connect and enrich your family through adventures, small and big. Turn off the screen and turn on the creativity, curiosity, and love of nature as you have a meteor slumber party, attend a symphony concert, take a hike in the rain, preserve colorful fall leaves, make nettle pesto, and venture into the great, wide, real world.

In 100 Days of Adventure, children ages 6 to 10 will unplug from electronics and explore the world, from backyard bugs to farmer's market veggies and plants along the trail
learn about nature, art, music, and themselves through STEAM projects and new experiences
bond with parents and siblings, learn new skills with individual investigations, or explore with friends in an educational or homeschool group
This full-color activity book for kids includes

100 indoor and outdoor activities, projects, experiments, crafts, recipes, and field trips, divided by season
many activities that are free or low cost, with options for different kinds of families and locations
step-by-step directions, nature journal prompts, tips, and checklists
beautiful photos and helpful illustrations
a note to parents with encouraging start-here guidance on growing a family culture of curiosity and adventure
Whether your family is looking for fun activities for school breaks at home, road trip vacations, or everyday ways to learn together, this collection of interactive educational activities will help your kids get creative, get into nature, and get closer to each other.

Don't miss Greta's essential guide for parents on building a connected and loving family through exploration, Adventuring Together: How to Create Connections and Make Lasting Memories with Your Kids.



Every season means a new chance for activities in this packed, colorful read.

This book holds one hundred activities, which have been broken down into four seasons. There is also a table of contents at the beginning, making easier to locate certain ones. The entire thing starts with a note to the parents and a big, full-cover photo of the author and her family, which sets the tone very well. This family doesn't sit at home, but travels into the great outdoors, visits various sites, explores nature and relishes in camping, hiking and such. The book does follow this flow.

The illustrations are inviting and make each activity fun to discover. There are accompanying photos in many to help the reader actually see different sites, understand the directions, or simply get into the atmosphere of the activity. The activity is numbered at the top and given a title. Then, there's a short personal explanation from the author, introducing the activity as well as bringing in tidbits from her own experiences. The activity is then laid out in detail with steps to follow, items to gather, or even extra hints. These are all well written, easy to understand, and no problem to follow for the intended age group.

Many of the activities are simple to do and don't require many items or anything difficult. Others, however, encourage activities such as camping, hiking, kayaking, or exploring National Parks/sites. So, not all of these are for everyone, and I wouldn't necessarily recommend this one for less travel friendly families. But even then, there are enough suggestions which work for others as well. If nothing else, it does inspire and radiate the love for nature and being outdoors.

It's also clear that this comes from a homeschooling family, since there several ideas which flow in that direction: journals, poetry, and such. So, this does work well for anyone intending to use it as inspiration in that direction. It also holds ideas for camps or group activities. This book is fun to pick up, flip through, and find something to do any time of year, and does hold a wide variety of ideas.

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Sara Strand said...

My younger two are absolutely loving this one, too! Thank you for being on this tour. Sara @ TLC Book Tours