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Review: Infectious by Elizabeth Forkey

Today's read is the first in a series, which was actually first released in 2014 (I believe). It is now in its third edition and has caught attention over the years. I enjoy a good dystopian every now and then, and found the idea of a disease and missing millions interesting. So, I decided to give it a go. 

Let's just say that this read held many aspects, which I wasn't expecting...and that's not a bad thing.

Book One
Third Edition
by Elizabeth Forkey
Entrada Publishing
YA Dystopian
338 pages

"It's all about blood, Ivy. It always has been."

I've known something was wrong. I've sensed but avoided the truth that I was slipping. You'd think if you recognized that you were dying that you'd hurry to stop it, to heal whatever is sick. It's innately human to struggle for life. But for some reason, though it makes no sense, it's also innately human to lean away from eternal life.

Six years ago, when millions of people disappeared from the face of the earth in a silent instant, all hell broke loose. People did what you'd expect: they panicked. We've been programmed with the will to survive—to care for our loved ones at any cost. Husbands became murderers. Children became thieves. The world turned upside-down and survival was all anyone could think about. That was before we knew about the disease.

INFEC†IOUS, the first novel in The INFEC†IOUS Series is a post-apocalyptic love story. Young Ivy has a killer sense of humor, wit and a personal relationship with the Curse Giver. Ivy longs for freedom from her overbearing spinster Aunt and from Toccoa's protective fences. A trip outside the compound brings confusion, danger, romance and death into her already troubled life. Two different guys--polar-opposites--are vying for her heart. Ivy is desperate to hold onto The Cure in the midst of the chaos and heartache. INFEC†IOUS is a love story that will ravage your heart and leave you hungry for more.


With an original twist into zombies, the rapture, and a dystopian world, this read grabs with natural flair and entertains with tense moments and more than a dash of romance.

Six years before, millions of people suddenly disappeared and a new disease spread across the world. Most were forced to be vaccinated, something which back-fired horribly. Although everyone was infected, a few were immune, and strangely enough, others were cured. Ivy is one from this last group and lives with her aunt in a compound, helping others by offering time, care, and rooms at an inn. When a trip outside ends with an attack by a pair of 'zombies' who have a picture of Ivy, it's clear something awful is going on, and she's being hunted.

This book took me by surprise. Firstly, I wasn't aware it is Christian fiction, and for me, this was a new and not negative twist. The author weaves in the religious aspects and views effortlessly, keeping it definitely obvious but never preachy. It flows naturally, offers a wonderful message, and all of that while still keeping a tale, which is well-woven in the genre.

Secondly, I didn't know this was a zombie read (could be my own stupidity). I'll admit that I'm not a zombie fan, and this is more of a put-off for me. But these aren't usual zombies, either. They remind more of lepers, who do loose a bit of their mind as time goes on. So, these zombies are more alive and sick than the traditional walking dead version. This did make the story more approachable for me and added a nice platform for Ivy and her aunt's work, which also made them both that much easier to sympathize with and like.

It is not problem to sink into this tale and enjoy the characters and plot. Especially Ivy comes across as a usual teenager, and despite her whining and dash of snark, actually has a heart of gold and is very concerned for her aunt and those around her. She makes mistakes, is a bit standoff-ish and flips emotions quick, but all of this slides right into the age group and creates a character easy to identify with and enjoy. Add this to the spikey relationship with her aunt, and it's a well-rounded read on the character end.

There is romance, which follows a bit of the bad boy vs good guy. Ivy has other problems to face besides this tug-a-war, which keep it from over-powering the other plots. It adds heart, and again, gives the story a nice twist.

Christian fiction fans are going to enjoy the more 'normal' feel of this read, and fans of zombies as well as dystopian worlds are also in for an original treat. I'm not going to continue this series, but it's really because I have a hard time warming up to zombies, in general, and has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of this read.

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