Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Happy Book Birthday, Wind, Ocean, Grass by Karen A Wyle!

 Today's read is great for a mid-week pause. It invites to a second of relaxation while enjoying art and a poetic tale surrounding the wind, water and grass. I've enjoyed other works from this author and had a feeling this one might win me over again. So, let's take a look.

by Karen A Wyle
Illustrated by Tomasz Mikutel
Oblique Angles Press
Picture Book
50 pages
ages 4 to 8

This unique picture book has neither human nor animal characters, but instead features the wind speaking to the grass, explaining how long grasses are both like and unlike the waves of the ocean. Through lyrical prose and breathtaking impressionist-style paintings, the reader follows the wind’s journey over sea and land: the many moods of the ocean, the different seasons of the grassy field. We see glimpses of the birds that live off the bounty of the ocean, and the birds and flowers that live among the grasses.

Through this nature metaphor, the story, without becoming didactic, teaches children about seeing commonality and celebrating differences.



Beautifully illustrated and poetically written, this read embraces nature and blows along with the atmosphere of an ancient tale.

The wind speaks to the grass, and soon, the comparison to the ocean begins. The wind tells of its observations, comparing one to the other with the similarities and differences. The entire text takes on a poetic tone, which snuggles in with the painting styled illustrations. The two harmonize together to create an inviting, artistic atmosphere, which will even grab older readers.

The text is well down and flows wonderfully. While the vocabulary is well set for the age group, the metaphors and meanings do need a bit more maturity than most younger readers/listeners will have. Slightly older ones will pick-up on this end better, and it's a lovely way to introduce the audience to this more insightful way of thought. It can be used to lead into discussions and questions as to the meanings and thoughts behind some of the phrases in a classroom, group, or homeschooled setting as well.

But ignoring the learning possibilities, this book is beautifully created. Each illustration is a piece of art, and while some will grab the attention of younger readers better than others, the scenes do a wonderful job at portraying various aspects of grass and water in nature. Adults will appreciate this aspect as well.

It's a gentle read with the flow of an ancient tale as the wind takes on the narration. The phrases calm and the scenes do invite for a deeper glance, making it a lovely read for the right listener.

You can learn more about Karen A. Wyle and her other works here:

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