Thursday, May 5, 2022

Review: Thank You, Mama by Linda Meeker

 Today's read can be seen as a nod toward the approaching Mother's Day weekend. I actually agreed to take a look at this one because of the delicious pancakes pictured on the cover—Yum! (Or I might just be hungry lately)

Anyway, this one takes a swing in the Asian direction and promises to weave in a dab of culture too. It comes from a TikTok star and promises to run along the theme of saying thank you.

But let's just take a peek, shall we?

by Linda Meeker
Illustrated by Sandra Eide
Thomas Nelson
Picture Book
40 pages 
ages 4 to 8

TikTok and viral video star Grey (@greyandmama, 6M followers) says "Thank you, Mama!" to healthy foods in this picture book that teaches gratitude, manners, and the joy of sharing meals with those we love.

We all want to raise happy eaters who enjoy eating new foods, mealtimes with family, and being thankful. That's why so many parents love Linda Meeker's charming videos of her son Grey saying "Thank you, Mama!" With colorful illustrations that capture a child's daily snacks and mealtimes, Thank You, Mama will delight parents and kids alike.

This playful picture book for 3 to 7-year-olds follows a little boy as he explores different foods--from vegetables to sushi--and tries to pick his favorite
encourages children to try new foods and become happy, healthy eaters
honors the bond between parent and child
models respect, manners, and thankfulness
builds vocabulary and prereading skills with colorful food illustrations paired with words for each item.

This first children's book from TikTok and Instagram stars Grey and Mama is the perfect story for parents and grandparents who want to instill good habits and gratitude from a young age
Any family eager to celebrate the love of food and family that develops over shared meals
Baby showers, birthdays, holiday gift giving, or to a little one scared to try new foods

This cheerful story about an adorable, curious, and kind child will have your kids saying "thank you"--and maybe even giving those peas a chance!



Saying 'thank you' is not a topic I've often seen in the picture book world, and yet, it's an important one, which shouldn't be overlooked. Plus, aren't those pancakes with whipped cream and berries inviting?

This little boy is hungry and wants a special breakfast, but when asked what he would like to eat, he's stumped. He should just chose his favorite food, but there are so many things he enjoys eating. The moment the variety pops into his head, he finds himself considering all the things he enjoys eating through the rest of the day.

Food is key in this book, and it made me smile that this boy constantly seemed hungry. Many types of food are presented, and a nice portion swing in the Asian kitchen's direction...which adds a nice touch on the culture-broadening end. Listeners/readers will recognize many of the foods the boy likes to eat, and there are new ones, they might have not considered, as well. But this isn't only about food. The boy's thoughts also include his relatives, and his enjoyment of eating with them. So, there's quite a bit of family warmth involved.

The illustrations are bright, cheerful, and hold enough details to keep readers coming back and finding something new. The boy and his family are presented as friendly and kind, and even the food invites. The text flows along smoothly and makes for a good read-aloud. 

And here they are...

Linda Meeker of @greyandmama stumbled upon social media popularity as she shared sweet videos of her son Grey learning to say "thank you." Expressing gratitude was a value instilled in Linda as a child raised in a Vietnamese family, so she was delighted that the simple act of her toddler saying "thank you" received such a reaction on TikTok and Instagram. Linda, her husband, and Grey live in Seattle, Washington.

Sandra Eide creates soft and sweet illustrations with an emphasis on characters and connections. As a child, Sandra either had her head in a book or was crafting and doodling her own stories. She is endlessly inspired by animals, nature, and friendships. Sandra lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and border collie.

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