Thursday, May 12, 2022

Review: Greedy the Crow by Mother Melania


Fearless and Friends, Book 2
by Mother Melania
Illustrated by Cayce Marie Halsell
Picture Book
36 pages
ages 3 to 8

Greedy the Crow's greedy ways are going to get him in trouble! Will anybody help him?



With fun characters, this tale weaves in a wonderful moral lesson, while taking on the atmosphere of a classical tale.

It's Fire Awareness time, and Fearless is making his rounds from house to house to make sure his friends are aware of fire hazards and prepared if anything should happen. Each friend has very different living circumstances, but all seem to meet the needed standards. Except for crow. He loves to collect shiny things and this might be a problem.

This read has a bit more text than some picture books, which makes it a lovely read-aloud (I could really see this one as a lovely audiobook) or a great read for those who have a better handle on their words. The tale is interesting, and the characters each have very distinct and memorable personalities. Fearless is always kind and polite, and even Crow and Fearless get along...despite Crow's issues. There's always something happening and even moments where I could see a group of kids whispering and giggling as Fearless doesn't notice something. So, it is a lovely read.

The illustrations are well done and let each animal's characteristics come across nicely. They make the danger of fire hazards and hoarding clear.

The message is clear and, yet, flows right with the story, keeping it from coming across as overly preachy. Add the worksheets and vocabulary, which is also included, and this is even one for homeschoolers or those who want to work on their reading skills.


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And here she is...

Mother Melania is the Abbess of Holy Assumption Monastery in Calistoga, CA. Her parents would read to her until they were hoarse. It is only natural for her to grow up to write the Fearless and Friends book series, which teaches values to children in a fun way:


Capers and Harry: High Climbing: Capers the Cat gets stuck in a tree, but is too vain to admit it. Can Fearless the Fire Duck and Harry the Hound rescue their friend?


Greedy the Crow: Finders Keepers: Greedy the Crow's greedy ways are going to get him in trouble! Will anybody help him?


Mimi the Mynah: It's All Mine!: Mimi knows two words - "me" and "mine." When disaster strikes the Duck Pond, will she finally learn a new word?


Bluster Blue Jay: Not My Fault!: Bluster Blue Jay is not the easiest bird to be around. Nothing ever works for him, but it's never HIS fault! When he joins Fearless and Grateful on their camping trip, can they be patient with him? And will he learn a lesson about accepting blame? Join them and find out!


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