Monday, April 25, 2022

Review: This Could Be You with Cindy Williams Schrauben

Today's review is inspiration pure for the younger end of readers. I loved the variety on the cover and the energy it holds. And I'm expecting the illustrations inside to be just as fun. Plus the message is one kids can never hear enough. 

So, off we go! 

Be Brave! Be True! Be You!
by Cindy Williams Schrauben
Illustrated by Julia Seal
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

Will you be an astronaut? Farmer? An Artist? A Nurse? No matter where your dreams take you, your own unique flair will get you there. Keep could be you!

Words for believing in yourself are the stars of this sweet picture book that empowers children of all abilities and backgrounds to not only believe in themselves but to be strong and resilient in the pursuit of their dreams. A teacher, a scientist or an activist - could this be you? Through lyrical rhymes and vibrant illustrations, This Could Be You says yes, it very well could be. 

This Could Be You by Cindy Williams Schrauben will sit comfortably on your shelf alongside other empowering books such as I Promise (by LeBron James) and I Can Do Hard Things (by Gabi Garcia). The full-color jacket is a reversible, 22 x 36 poster perfect for inspiring kids in the classroom and home with positive messages!

This book comes with a free Reader’s Guide for children. The guide contains interactive lesson plans that encourage children to adopt a growth mindset over a fixed one. One activity asks children to rewrite fixed mindset statements like “This is too hard!” and turn them into something positive. The guide is available for free download from the publisher website.



Inspiration and support have no end in this fun-to-read book packed full of energy and encouragement.

This book is really packed in every which way with positivity and motivation. It starts with the cover and the variety of jobs/activities. While that seems to be just for the eye, at first, on the inside, the author already incorporates it as an activity for young readers to discuss the different people the say and what they're doing. Then, there are some things for caretakers to keep in mind while reading this book as well as ideas for what to do afterwards. The inside of the book cover is decorated with many portraits children have drawn of themselves and their future, dream jobs. It gives the first name, the age, and the hoped-for occupation, which gives this entire book a nice touch and a sense of familiarity to readers. And, as if that weren't enough, the book jacket is actually a printed poster inside. So, every aspect has been thought out and incorporated into the message.

The illustrations pack adventure, enthusiasm, variety, and enthusiasm. They have a rounded style with tons of details and cheerfulness. Various activities and future careers are portrayed, and that from a kid's reality, still. So, these aren't true doctors at work, but kids playing out the activities or doing their versions of it. 

All of this is written in rhyme, and that flows very well. Each verse carries in a touch of playfulness and tinkers with words to create a bit of fun. Only one poem broke the scheme...which was hardly noticeable and barely worth a mention. In each poem, aspects of a profession or activity are mentioned, always those which show a positive light and demonstrate how amazing each one is. The poems are age correct, do encourage listeners to repeat right along (once the book's been read a few times), and ends with the repetitive phrase, "It could be you!" It does make a fun read-aloud for groups or individuals.

At the very end of the book, there's a surprise, which rounds off the message and brings it home in a nice way.

In other words, anyone seeking an uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring read, which urges kids to take life on and reach their goals, will find quite a bit to work with in these pages.


Cindy Williams Schrauben said...

Thank you for the wonderful review!

Heather N. Quinn said...

What a sweet book. Kids need these kinds of things to help them imagine themselves doing big things.

Cindy Williams Schrauben said...

Thank you!!