Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Review: The Penniel Effect by Michael Bar Daniel

 Today's read heads into science fiction, robots, and high-tech, galactic war. For some unknown reason, I was convinced this one would be a graphic novel. Which it's not and that is too bad because I think it would have been better as such. Still, this one dives into a direction I haven't visited in awhile and the promise of excitement had me eager to pick this one up. Plus, I like the cover.

by Michael Bar Daniel
Holy Lance Productions, LLC
Young Adult Science Fiction
336 pages

OCTOBER 7th!!!

The search for intelligent life goes too far when ambitious aeronautics company Daemon Technologies steals an artifact from an alien world. Its inhabitants, powerful creatures called Nails, drive the human trespassers back to Planet Edom where they are forced to regroup. Within a generation, Daemon builds military academies around the world in search for soldiers capable of using the stolen technology, forged into humanoid war-machines called Voices, against their newfound enemy.

Among those cadets is star mech-pilot Raine Learsi, a troubled teen who secretly vows to destroy her corrupt corporate sponsor. However, the Nails strike first, and all she and her fellow pilots have are each other. Plunged into an interstellar war she wants no part of, Raine must put aside her differences to protect her home from the mysterious invaders.

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Space and action meld into an exciting adventure with high-tech and tons of bravery.

This is a read, which is driven by action-packed scenes and determined characters. At first, I thought it'd fall into the graphic novel category (not sure why I got that into my head), but it's not. This is a full-fledged novel, which starts out rough and jets through with grit and the drive never to give up.

The characters each have their own tale and goals, and it's easy to root for Raine as she finds her way and heads from one situation to the next. While there is heart and a bit of emotion, it's never a sink into this direction, but rather, gives just enough to keep the characters interesting. The tale is woven with enough intrigue and surprises to keep it interesting. It's really the action scenes which work well in this one as they are pretty clear and understandable...never muddled down. The tech end adds a nice touch and gives this a wonderful flair.

It's a good read for those who don't want depth or descriptions, but rather simply want an easy-to-read, fun tale with tension, exciting scenes, and danger. 


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hook them early on science fiction!

Tonja Drecker said...

Agree! It was the genre that won me over as a kid.