Sunday, April 3, 2022

Review: Push Pin Art by Candy Berg

I'm doubling up the reads today because I have two books, which are perfect for the upcoming weeks. The first is an arts and crafts book for all ages. I remember doing push pin art as a kid but haven't seen it since...well, I guess Lite Bright is a type of push pin. Anyway, this is a series which has a book for all sorts of occasions. There's one for Spring (which we're looking at today), St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, and more.  

by Candy Berg
Children's Arts and Crafts
40 pages
ages 3 and up

Make Something Great and Have Fun With Your Kids or Grandkids
All you need it a thumbtack and paper!

Never be bored again.

This is a perfect project for a rainy day, a day with an inside recess, or just a day to have a little fun!

All ages from preschoolers to even middle schoolers have fun with this spring activity. Great for school parties and themed activities!

It's fun and easy to poke holes using a thumbtack. You can copy each page or tape the printed page to a sheet of construction paper. Once the entire image is punched, carefully remove the white paper to reveal a piece of art!

It takes little artistic skill to create a decoration while improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

★SAVE TIME – Forget scrolling through social media or blogs for ideas or ready-made images; one purchase and you are ready to go.
★LEARN THROUGH PLAY - You can spend any amount of time working on these projects. Your child will look forward to working on every project.
★GIVE YOUR CHILD A HEAD START – Improved fine motor skills help children write better and earlier. Finger strength directly contributes to their success and will help them feel confident!

✅ This book includes 20 different fun and unique images to do.
✅ Tailored for all ages, a variety of detailed images are included in every book.
✅ Little to no prep time for each project!
✅ Great for teachers looking to supplement their curriculum.

✅ YES! With little to no prep time to either tear out a page or copy and tape, these art activities are ready to do almost instantly.
✅ Depending on the skill level of the child, each activity can take between 10-20 minutes.
✅ Multiple children can work on a pushpin activity at the same time by sharing one paper or working on their own projects side by side.
✅ This is an easy way to learn, have fun and create something tangible.

Follow the Montessori method? Our book provides hours of themed, hands-on activities through push pin poking art activities.
No more wasting time searching for age-appropriate and fun activities.


With easy to do images, this is a fun collection of simple projects, just right for some quick fun.

This book is what it claims to be, a collection of images to be used as push pin art. This one holds 20 different pictures of things related to Spring: flowers, bugs, etc. Each one is created by evenly spaced dots, showing exactly where the push pin is to be used. These are no problem to use as they are, copy, or even print out, and each one is simple enough even for younger artists to use. The end results are nice, especially when used on top of colored construction paper as an overlay pattern. They definitely aren't anything which takes lots of prep time.

I was surprised that there aren't any directions inside the book, not that it's a difficult concept. Instead, it's a pure collection of templates/images for the push pin activities. They are well done and hold a wide enough variety so that children are sure to find more than one, which they would enjoy completing. It's great for a variety of age groups and can be used in several situations or settings. Even classrooms and homeschoolers will find enjoyment with this one.

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