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Review: Adventures at Almosta Farm by Heather N. Quinn

Today's review is the second in a series, and yes, I did read the first one last year and enjoyed it (you can see my review here). I was looking forward to revisiting these characters (such a fun group!) and was happy to get my hands on a copy. 

So off we go!

My Country Cousins, Book Two
by Heather N. Quinn
Babble Garden Publishing, LLC
Children's Contemporary
135 pages
ages 6 to 10

From the authors of Journey to Juniper Junction comes the second heartwarming tale in the My Country Cousins series.

Ten-year-old Gemma Merriman is beginning to feel at home at Almosta Farm. She loves the goats and she can handle the chickens, but turkeys are too much for this city girl! Their arrival during the building of a tree castle sets off a chain of events that forces Gemma and her cousins to work together and learn the meaning of cooperation and true friendship.



These cousins head from one adventure to the next, leaving the reader dreaming from launching into their own adventures, too.

Gemma is settling into life on the farm with her relatives, but there's always a new adventure she never could see coming. When a hobby farm is sold, the turkeys come to stay on the farm. Gemma is excited until she actually meets the turkeys. The turkeys are anything but simple, and that they are the beginning of even more adventures, is more than any of them could have seen coming.

This is a cute tale, perfect for a summer read. Gemma is staying with her relatives on their farm in Canada, and as a city girl, has a lot to learn. It's wholesome fun as the cousins face one predicament after the other, and add to it with their own ideas...which don't always work out as planned. The kids are easy to like and relate to as they try to deal with everything as best they can, sometimes clash, but always find ways to cooperate and get the job done. The situations are familiar enough to draw readers in, and the relationships are golden. Plus, the animals are adorable, unpredictable, and simply add a lot of fun.

At around 120 pages, this isn't a book, which will scare away more reluctant readers. It's well written for the intended age group and reads like a slightly more difficult chapter book. At the end of each chapter, there is a shout-out of congratulations to the reader, letting them know how many words they read. These add up quick and add a nice sense of accomplishment. Even homeschoolers will want to take a glance at this one.

And here she is...

Heather N Quinn is the pen name of the mother and daughter writing team of Heather MacDonald and Quinn Slobodin. They reside with their families in Ontario, Canada.

Heather was born in Scotland and emigrated to Canada with her family in 1963. She grew up in Ontario on a small hobby farm. In 1990, she moved to England with her husband and young daughter, Quinn. Heather worked as a magazine features writer for national magazines and had three more children while living in the UK. Returning to Canada in 1998, she was a full-time mum, during which time she published short fiction. Today, Heather once again lives in the country, where she tends a big garden filled with vegetables and flowers. She loves to cook and bake, and to spend time with her family. Writing children’s stories with Quinn brings her great joy. 

Quinn was born in Canada. She moved with her parents to England at the age of two and spent eight formative years on the Wirral Peninsula. Her childhood in England, and then her returning to Canada at the age of ten, is what helps her to understand Gemma, the protagonist in the My Country Cousins series. Growing up in a big family whose motto was the same as the Merrimans of Almosta Farm, “If you can’t behave, be funny!” Quinn has lots of funny childhood experiences to draw upon for her writing. Today, she has two little girls of her own. Their antics continue to provide lots of fun stuff to write about. 

Contact information: Heather N Quinn 
Instagram: @heathernquinn 
Facebook: /Heather N. Quinn 
Babblegarden Publishing Ltd., PO Box 58, Navan Stn. Main, Navan, ON, Canada K4B 1J3

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Heather N. Quinn said...

Thank you for reading our books and for this wonderful review. We are having great fun writing about Gemma and her cousins and look forward to sharing another of their adventures, Camping at Coyote Creek, in July 2022.