Friday, April 8, 2022

Review: Hoppy Floppy's Carrot Hunt by Educational Insights

I'm doing a switch-a-roo with my planned reviews, thanks to a little bit of delivery trouble. So, today's scheduled review isn't coming until the 10th, and this one is sliding forward instead. Which works out great, since that makes it still deliverable before Easter weekend (as an Easter basket treat). I enjoy books, which celebrate upcoming holidays, and this one is a board book for the youngest readers. Add that it has flaps to open and discover things, and I was excited to take a peek. 

A Lift-the-Flap Book
by Educational Insights
Illustrated by Lucia Gaggiotti
Candlewick Press
Board Book / Holiday
12 pages
ages 0 to 3

Help a determined bunny find a carrot of every color in this egg-shaped lift-the-flap board book based on the best-selling game.

Everyone can find an orange carrot, but what if you're looking for a carrot of a different color? Hoppy Floppy the rabbit is combing the forest floor for carrots in all the colors of the rainbow, with the help of Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel and all of their friends. Inspired by the award-winning board game, this fun, sturdy board book for preschoolers strengthens color and number recognition, with flaps for little hands to lift and explore.



Collecting carrots becomes tons of fun with many surprises in this cute book, which works not only for the Easter season.

This board book has a nice, oval-ish form (avoiding harsh corners) and is robust enough to be dragged around and read more than a few times. It follows Hoppy Floppy, a rabbit, as he fills his basket and searches for carrots. The carrots remind of Easter eggs in so far that they're died in various colors. With the help of the reader (and flaps), Hoppy Floppy fills his basket.

The illustrations are colorful and carry a friendly atmosphere. Nature and the animals carry realistic tones while still remaining gentle and cartoon-ish. The flaps are well hidden with the landscape, giving the reader a little more searching to do...still very age appropriate. There are three flaps on each page, each holding a surprise underneath. On the last page, there's a spinning wheel, portraying all colors of found carrots, falling into the basket. I really enjoyed this last touch.

The text is simple as it introduces a new friend of Hoppy Floppy's on each page. It then asks the reader to find a certain color of carrot. It's cute, easy to understand, and gives a warming message of friendship and help others. Of course, the search for the carrots is tons of fun, and just happens to help with learning the colors as well. And it's a read which will, no doubt, be read again...and again...and again just to look for those carrots, if nothing else.

And here they are...

The team at Educational Insights, who are also the creators of the award-winning Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game® for preschoolers, is an imaginative group of parents, educators, designers, and toy inventors who are passionate about creating educational toys and games that illuminate new learning experiences for all children.

Lucia Gaggiotti is a graphic designer and artist and the illustrator of The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel; Shelby’s Snack Shack; and Frankie’s Food Truck, as well as three titles by Chris Butterworth: How Did That Get in My Lunchbox?, Where Did My Clothes Come From?, and How Does My Home Work? Lucia Gaggiotti lives in London.

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