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Review: The Clandestine Queen by Brandon J Greer with Giveaway!

 I love the cover on this one...so dark and magical! So, instead of just spotlighting it, I got my hands on a copy for a quick review. Which means it's another double-review day! (And yes, I'm still getting my other work done and not just constantly reading). It comes out in a few days, April 12th, and promises tons of action and non-stop excitement.

Let's just head on and take a peek!

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This is my post during the blog tour for The Clandestine Queen by Brandon J Greer. In The Clandestine Queen a fifteen-year-old abandoned witch must find her way home to become queen while trying to escape from a demon hell-bent on destroying her.

This blog tour is organized by Lola's Blog Tours and the tour runs from 29 March till 18 April. You can see the tour schedule here.

The Clandestine Queen

The Clandestine Queen
by Brandon J Greer
YA Fantasy

APRIL 12th!!!

A shard of ice hides in her chest
A raging fire burns in his.
A lost queen
A desperate assassin
Together they will change the world.

Maggie Abernathy always thought she was human, even though she could do the most peculiar things. Things no other girl in her village could do. Fifteen years after being abandoned as a baby, she begins to question who she is, where she belongs, and what she might be capable of. When a mysterious letter from the past calls her home, she embarks on a journey that will change her life forever-if she survives.

Loravain-an enslaved, ember-breathing witch hunter-is hot on her trail and gaining fast. If he can find and kill her, he will win what he has sought for twenty years: freedom from the demon he serves. But he knows he isn't supposed to be the villain, and his conscience weighs heavily even as he continues his hunt. Will the prospect of freedom overpower his desire for redemption?

As their fates intertwine, neither knows what the future truly holds.
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Magic, intrigue, danger, prophecies, and romance weave together into a fast-paced adventure, which makes it hard to put down.

Maggie knows she's different than the rest of the people in the village. Her adoptive parents, but neither knows exactly what that means. She has talents, she can't explain, and she keeps them a secret from everyone in the village, knowing that she'd be accused of being a witch and killed. When her parents give her a box, which was laid next to her when she was abandoned by her birth mother, her world changes completely. Now, she wants to find the truth behind her true identity, even if it means taking on more than she even believes exists.

This is not a boring read. The author has woven a very tight-knit-tale, which leaves every scene as important as the next and exciting as the last. The chapters are written from the view of various characters, making sure the reader stays on top of what's going on and is aware of the intentions from all angles...which is good because there are quite a few factors involved in Maggie's adventure. It all comes together well with few plot holes and good world-building. Sinking into the scenes is no problem as the magic and danger unfolds.

The characters have depth, and yet, I did have trouble really connecting with Maggie. I'm not sure why because this is written well enough. The rest of the characters came across very well, and I did find myself engaged with all of them. There are many twists and turns, with some moments predictable and others not...which is exactly the way it should be to keep the tale intriguing. The romance works and doesn't overtake the rest of the plot. It's simply a rich, entertaining read and one fantasy fans will surely enjoy diving into.

Read the first 5 chapters!
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And here he is...
Brandon J Greer

Brandon J Greer is the second and third oldest in a family of eight kids. (He was second oldest until a new marriage brought a new child that bumped him to third.) To set himself apart from so many siblings, he discovered the arts. Drawing, acting, and writing pulled him in at a young age. His first book, Around the World in About a Year, was written in the sixth grade, complete with hand-drawn illustrations. The book was garbage but won him a place in an arts competition at the local university. Now living in northern Utah with his wife and daughter, he travels as much as he can. His favorite places to go are Yellowstone and Peru.

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