Friday, April 1, 2022

Review: Ten Little Fireflies by Deb Gruelle

Today's read comes from an author, whose first book, Ten Little Night Stars, I adored (you can take a trip back in time and read that post here). So of course, I was thrilled to get my hands on the latest book. Even more so because I've always been a fan of fireflies...and roasting marshmallows, although that probably has little to do with the story even if it's on the cover.

Anyway, let's head on and take a peek.

by Deb Gruelle
Illustrated by Gabi Murphy
Board Book
20 pages
ages 0 to 4

From the creators of the wildly popular book Ten Little Night Stars, comes Ten Little Fireflies, a board book that introduces little ones to numbers as they count down to bedtime.

Ten Little Fireflies:

Is perfect for little ones ages 0-4
Is an early learning concept book of numbers one to ten
Has soothing rhymes making this the perfect bedtime read
Easily wipes clean of little fingerprints and smudges
 This sweet counting book written by Deb Gruelle, the great grandniece of the creator of Raggedy Ann, features:

Popular woodland animals like hedgehogs and owls
Is perfect for baby gifts, birthday gifts, and holiday gift giving
Fits into little hands



Learning to count joins the glimmering of little fireflies for bedtime fun.

Ten little fireflies start off this book, each one twinkling and flying with big, bright smiles. As each page-spread continues, one firefly takes off. By the end, only one firefly is left, but even it might not stick around very long.

The illustrations are adorable. The characters are animals set in a human-like world, each one sweet and friendly. There are lots of details to be found, giving the reader something new to discover with every visit. The fireflies are also cute and joyful as they fly this way and that. The scenes are inviting, bright, and yet, ease into bedtime with the night settings.

The text is written in rhyme and is age appropriate for 2 to 4-year-olds. There's a bit of action described—what the fireflies and playing animals are doing—before it explains what one firefly does as it leaves. The next number (after a firefly is gone) is the first word on the next page. The rhymes are sweet and make a nice read-aloud, although some sections flow better than others. 

It's a cute read, which is sure to bring smiles and gently teach counting along the way.

And here she they are...

Deb Gruelle is the great-great-grand-niece of Johnny Gruelle, the creator of Raggedy Ann and Andy, so she grew up on his whimsical stories. One of Deb’s most fulfilling roles in life has been to be a mom and raise her three children, who are now adults. She has been certified as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) to help children in foster care navigate the court system and has volunteered at her local women and children’s shelter and at Habitat for Humanity. She also enjoys indoor skydiving, snorkeling, and counting stars.

Gabi Murphy’s career in art was built on the enthusiasm of a bubbly, eccentric art teacher who claimed with exuberant arm waving: “Darling, you must do art!” She has been a freelance artist for over 35 years and has spent happy hours creating lots of cutesy, fluffy characters. She has recently studied acrylic and oil painting at ISoA and has also discovered an interest in digital art. Everything and anything can trigger a scribble session, but color is her greatest inspiration.

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