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Sneak Peek: Take a Hike! Poems for Intermediate Readers by Brett Fleishmann

Poems for Intermediate Readers (Grades 3 - 5), Volume 2
by Brett Fleishman
Illustrated by David Harston
FBT Poetry, LLC
November 8th, 2018
Middle Grade Poetry

A collection of 30 humorous poems designed for intermediate readers (grades 3-5). Volume 2 of this series includes a store that sells human body parts, a girl who controls the moon with her nose, a white-water rafting trip with an unexpected ending, and much, much more!

and author thoughts

First, thoughts from Brett Fleishmann:

My favorite poem from Take a Hike! is entitled To Peach Their Own.  There are a few reasons why I like this poem so much. First, I absolutely love puns and this poem is chock full of them --- and an idiom, too!  Second, I remember how impressed my sister was when I read her this poem over the phone (she lives near Philadelphia while I live near Boston).  At the time, she didn't know much (anything?) about my poetry and, if I had to guess, she probably assumed it wasn't very good since I had never written poetry before.  When she told me this poem was 'really, really good. like, seriously, really good!', it made a lasting impression on me. I think her reaction in some ways validated my own belief that maybe I was on to something after all.

To Peach Their Own

The lemons are sour. The cherries aren’t sweet.
And the eggs in this bowl? They’re upset ‘cause they’re beat.
All the apples are crabby. The onions look stewed.
The potatoes are grating. They’re in a bad mood.
While the fruits and the veggies do angrily vent
Several peaches close by look relaxed and content
They stay far, far away from the ones who are mean
They have pretty good lives, some would say peachy keen.

And here he is...

Brett Fleishman grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia. In 1995, he earned his B.A. In 2001, he earned his M.B.A. At no point did he earn a roster spot in the N.B.A. Brett lives with his two sons, Jacob and Dylan, in the greater Boston area. (Please note that, while Brett and his sons enjoy living in Boston, their sports allegiances remain firmly Philadelphian.) To learn more, please visit You can also follow Brett on Facebook (Funny Bone Tickling Poetry) and Instagram (@funnyboneticklingpoetry).

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