Sunday, December 16, 2018

Review: The Gift That I Can Give by Kathie Lee Gifford, Illustrated by Julia Seal

by Kathie Lee Gifford
Illustrated by Julia Seal
Thomas Nelson
Picture Book Religious
32 pages
ages 4 to 7

God, will You show me
The gift that I can give
As I grow and love
And learn how to live?
Help your children discover that they don't have to wait until they are grownups to make the world a better place! The Gift That I Can Give helps children find unique ways to make a difference today in the lives of those around them. The beautiful new picture book was written by Kathie Lee Gifford and illustrated by Julia Seals.
The Gift That I Can Give is a heartwarming story from Kathie Lee Gifford of how all children have something they can do today to make a difference. Whether it is being kind, giving a family member an extra-big squeeze, visiting someone who is sick, or cheering on a friend, this story will inspire children, leading them to want to read it again and again.

Everyone has their very own that they can give.

Each person has a gift. Maybe it's to dance or sing. Or maybe it's something much more subtle like helping to cheer up a friend. No matter what the gift, it's one to share and give.

The first thing which draws attention to this book is the beautiful, happy, glittery cover with bright butterflies. It sets the joyful and encouraging mood found within the pages. This is a book full of encouragement, hope and warmth. It starts with the question concerning the various talents each person might have, and the search for a person's special gift. Gently, the topic slides into the realm of talents each person has which can be used to help others—even very subtle ones are extremely important.

Each page radiates happiness as the question of gifts and how they can be used is lightly explored. The illustrations are bright, diverse, and illustrate every day situations kids can relate to, while still being fun to flip through. The text is in large print, making it easy to use as a read-aloud. The vocabulary is simple enough for younger listeners and short enough to hold even more easily distracted kids' attention.

The message in this book is empowering and shows that each person has a talent, and the most important thing is knowing how to use the talent to give to others.  It gives ideas on what an person's gift might be, everything from coloring a picture, to giving hugs, to cheering others on or even something more complex like playing in a marching band. It's a wonderful book, which proves a point while still keeping it fun enough to make an enjoyable read.

I received a copy from Booklook Bloggers.

And here she is...
Kathie Lee Gifford is a trusted voice who feels like a friend for countless people. With her strong faith, enthusiasm, and playful writings, she appeals to young hearts and empowers them with the message that no one is too young or too small to share their gift with others.
Kathie Lee Gifford has enjoyed a diverse and successful four-decade career as a television host, actress, singer, playwright, songwriter, and author. She is best known for her 15 years on Regis and Kathie Lee (11 Emmy nominations), and she’s currently acting as the three-time Emmy-winning cohost of the fourth hour of the Today show with Hoda Kotb. Gifford has authored three New York Times bestselling books.

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