Friday, December 14, 2018

Review: A Day in the Life of Peanut and Bosco by The Brothers Minor

by The Brothers Minor
Schiffer Publishing
Picture Book
32 pages
 ages 4 to 7

Join Peanut and her adorable dog, Bosco, as they travel the globe, stop crime, go back in time, relax in a marine underworld, and turn into helpful robots that fold the laundry. This colorful story celebrates the bond between kids and their pets, while suggesting that children can go far, literally and figuratively, by using their imagination.


With spunk and excitement, a girl and her dog bounce into the adventure of imagination.

Sitting on the steps in front of the house, Peanut and her puppy, Bosco, aren't sure what to do with their day. Then, an idea hits and off they go from one adventure into another. Although they never leave their own neighborhood, imagination knows no limits and takes them to the most exciting places.

Peanut and Bosco are a super cute duo and hard not to like. Bosco is sweet and cuddle-worthy from the very first moment, and Peanut bounces with energy pure. The two are perfect for heading into the world of adventure, and it's fun to see where they'll end up next.

The illustrations are simple enough for younger listeners while still carrying the details needed to make them exciting. Even if no one is around to read it as a read-aloud, kids can follow the adventure by flipping through the pages and enjoying the illustrations themselves. And there is always something new to discover.

The text follows four-line rhymes, which could flow much smoother than they do. There are a few vocabulary words which might not be recognizable for younger listeners, but that's not necessarily bad since it does broaden the vocabulary. The text always stands below the illustration, but, unfortunately, is in fairly small print, which makes it more difficult  to use when reading aloud. Beginner readers, who feel more sure in their words, will be able to go through it nicely, however.

Since this tale follows an exciting day from start to finish, it ends with a calming moment—great for a bedtime story. And thanks to the joy which radiates from the book, it will invite to happy dreams.

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