Friday, December 21, 2018

Review: All is Merry and Bright by Jeffrey Burton, Illustrated by Don Clark

by Jeffrey Burton 
Illustrated by Don Clark
Simon & Schuster
Board Books / Holiday
26 pages 
ages 2 and up

A gorgeous keepsake book that shines with holiday cheer andfoil on every spread, All Is Merry and Bright is full of illumination and hope—perfect for the youngest readers in your life.

Stars jingle in the sky
All is calm over night
All is merry
All is bright

As cheer and good will fill the air, there is an undeniable, joyous feeling that connects the world during the holiday season. With show-stopping foil, embossing, and spot UV on every page, All Is Merry and Bright is an artistic and shimmering board book celebrating the deep sense of happiness and hope that glows as warm and bright as the holiday lights.


This is one of those books which feels special the moment it hits the hands.

Big, bright and beautiful—not only does the cover flash with color and shiny foil, but the stability is instantly clear. This is a book built to keep and treasure, year after year. Especially younger listeners will be drawn in by the glimmering pages, and cheerful and packed illustrations. Nothing is calm about this book. Rather, it screams celebration on every page.

The text is kept to a minimum with only a few words on each two-page spread. These words are big and bold, and at times, almost get lost in the vibrant illustrations surrounding them (but reading it isn't the main point). No space is wasted as very corner and cranny has something to look at. The concentration stays on the joy and excitement Christmas time brings, sticking to winter landscapes, fur trees, shiny decorations and jolly moments.

This is one of those books to keep in a special place for each Christmas season and bring out for the youngest to enjoy. Each page is like a new discovery and even the youngest will realize it isn't just an average read. It's busy, it's chaotic, it's exuberant and it's very merry and bright.

And here they are...

The Author...
Jeffrey Burton has written several books for children. He lives in New York City with his family.

The Illustrator...
Don Clark is an artist and cofounder of Invisible Creature, a widely respected and award-winning design studio he runs with his brother based in Seattle, Washington. He has worked with clients such as Target, NASA, LEGO, Wired Magazine, Nike, Adobe, XBox, The New York Times, and musicians including the Foo Fighters, Kendrick Lamar, Chris Cornell, Wolfmother, Alice In Chains, and more. Don's love for mid-century design and illustration lays the groundwork for Invisible Creature's aesthetic and curated line of products for both children and adults alike. He lives with his wife and their three children on a ranch thirty minutes southeast of Seattle.

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