Monday, December 11, 2017

Review: The Unknown Crystals by Adam Monk-Daschke

The Many Journeys to Different Worlds
by Adam Monk-Daschke
Children's Fiction

The stories take place in all different worlds and planets. They all have different adventures and journeys, searching for the lost unknown crystals and trying to find out what the crystals do and understand what mystic power each crystal has. The first adventure starts in the baby panda story, where he finds his new friend in the first short story, and then they go to find the unknown crystal in the next short story. The next short story takes place in the swamp's bear planet.


This is an enjoyable collection of stories with a colorful array of characters. From pandas to zombies, each story grabs with a new direction despite the all connecting search for crystals.

The writing is simple enough for younger readers to understand and fantastical enough to pull at their imaginations. Add the colorful illustrations, and it's a lovely collection especially for a bedtime read. Some of the characters' names are very similar, which does take a bit of sorting. There's a hint of mystery and a dab of adventure, nothing which will scare away more sensitive readers. The plot is simple as well, which makes it an easy read especially for more reluctant fantasy friends.

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