Friday, December 15, 2017

Review: The Incredible Cabinet of Wonders from Lonely Planet Kids

from Lonely Planet Kids
Picture Book/Non-Fiction
28 pages
 ages 8 to 12

It’s time to peek inside the world’s most famous museums. Welcome to Lonely Planet Kids’ Incredible Cabinet of Wonders – the greatest little museum in the world! 12 collectors, from toy makers and monster hunters, to sailors and archaeologists, have created their own themed cabinets and filled them with their favourite things. 
Kids can lift the flaps and open the cabinet doors to discover 100 extraordinary objects from our planet’s weird and wonderful past and present, then read fascinating stories behind each one and find out where to see them in real life. 
What objects will they find? And what stories will they tell?
The 12 themed collections are:
  • Toy Maker’s Cabinet
  • Sailor’s Cabinet
  • Monster Hunter’s Cabinet
  • Naturalist’s Cabinet
  • Miniaturist’s Cabinet
  • Doctor’s Cabinet
  • Treasure Hunter’s Cabinet
  • Archaeologist’s Cabinet
  • Costume Maker’s Cabinet
  • Musician’s Cabinet
  • Scientist’s Cabinet
  • Make Believer’s Cabinet

Each cabinet is illustrated by a different artist and features photos of every astonishing and unusual artefact.


With all of it's hidden doors and secret corners, this book isn't only a ton of fun for flipping through but plays treasure chest to all those fans of interesting yet quirky information.

In some ways, this reminds of a Ripley's Believe It Or Not but takes with a historic twist. The high quality book is divided into twelve two-page spreads, each with a certain theme and fitting 'cabinet'. There's a short explanation of the theme planted between detailed illustrations, which makes curious hearts beat faster. The word cabinet fits perfectly as each exploration includes numerous doors, which hold a treasure inside. Odd and amazing artefacts are depicted with short explanations as to their purpose and origin as well as where the object was found, when it is believed to have been created and where it can be seen today. 

This isn't a book to necessarily read from front to back in one sitting but will be picked up again and again to discover something new. The descriptions are written in manner kids ages eight and up will easily understand, and these explanations stick to the facts. Each is short and concise with the feel of walking through a museum and reading the small, description signs. But that's all that's needed because these objects speak for themselves and invite to thought and speculation. While a couple items might be familiar, most objects offer something new. All of them demand a reaction, whether interesting, quirky, creepy or just plain odd, and give readers a new glimpse at some moments in history.

My kids loved this one. They sat together, pointing things out, giggling or wrinkling their noses with every new find. They even took it to show their friends, who also cringed and laughed as they flipped through the doors. So this one is getting a high, two-thumbs up recommendation from this bookworm!

All about Lonely Planet Kids:

Come explore! Let's start an adventure. Lonely Planet Kids excites and educates children about the amazing world around them. Combining astonishing facts, quirky humor and eye-catching imagery, we ignite their curiosity and encourage them to discover more about our planet. Every book draws on our huge team of global experts to help share our continual fascination with what makes the world such a diverse and magnificent place—inspiring children at home and in school. Find out more by visiting, and join us on Facebook ( and Twitter (@lpkids).

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